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Maker Faire Rome 2021: discover our makers, exhibitors and all the selected projects!

Discover here all the exhibitors of the 2021edition of Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition

Making Open, Istituto M. Massimo: Becchetti, De Gregorio, Poletto, Topani

From a simple wooden table Build and drive a professional electric kart with your team in the Formula Xavier Grand Prix

Moi composites

MAMBO (Motor Additive Manufacturing BOat) is a real boat 3d printed in continuous fiberglass thermoset material. MAMBO demonstrates a new, unique shaped boat that cannot be achieved with traditional manufacturing.

  J.03 (pav. J)

  C.01 (pav. C)

Pierluigi Zerbini e Luigi Cirulli

In this project we use a plastic bottle of mineral water to simulate the resistance that the abdomen of the human body opposes during compressions in emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ETC). For the training of people in this type of maneuvers, are generally used specialized mannequins that, while reproducing in an exact manner the human anatomy, are on the other hand very expensive, limiting in fact the number of people who can try at least once the experience of simulation.

  J.1.13 (pav. J)

Universit dell'Aquila - Leonardo Guidoni, Alice Lemmo, Davide Ubaldi, Silvia Baccaro, Antonella Malatesta

A real videogame to learn Math by playing. It is suitable for kids (7-13) and their innovative teachers.

  K.12 (pav. K)

ENEA - Dipartimento SSPT - I Laboratori della Divisione PROMAS

Sustainable materials and technologies for energy harvesting and 3D printing for energy applications.

  J.S.00 (pav. J)


Sensorised custom-made and 3D printed insoles for therapeutic monitoring of patients in real life.

  J.1.09 (pav. J)

Fanny Ficuciello

PRISMA Hand II is a mechanically robust anthropomorphic robot hand. It is highly underactuated, as the 19 joints are driven by 3 motors via elastic tendons. Nevertheless, the hand can perform not only adaptive grasps but also in-hand manipulation.

HARMONY develops robotic mobile manipulation technologies for assisting staff in hospital environments.

KUKA Med is an anthropomorphic robotic arm used to assist physicians in different applications like rehabilitation and dental implants.

da Vinci Research Kit is a robotic system for minimally invasive surgery.

  B.05 (pav. B)

We design, produce and distribute electronics for the educational, consumer and industrial markets. Thanks to our kits, sensors, development boards and open …
  F.14 (pav. F)

The MEMEX consortium (9 partners from 6 countries in Europe)

Helping people socially fragile people integrating in the society with storytelling via an Augmented Reality app.

ITS moda Pescara

The Merlino 4.0 project involves the ancient Merlino wool mill in weaving on ancient looms of brand new jackard fabrics for total look companies starting from a design of the Zero Waste model, sustainable and fashionable, for a modern woman.

  J.2.16 (pav. J)

Alvaro Passeri

The mini Jungle Band is a mini orchestra of four elements: The fox plays the Mandolin The turtle plays the Xilophane The squirrel plays the flute The cobra plays the Harmonica

The robot animals play with the musical score in MIDI format.

  I.05 (pav. I)

Davide Petenzi

Little mechanical keyboard based on arduino for gamers and streamers!

  F.02 (pav. F)

main author: Roberto Seghini co-author: Armando Altieri, Mario DEttorre, Mariarosaria Emanuele, Alessandro Morello - the IoT team @ TecnoStudio Ars Innova

Portable Electronic Mini Lab for Makers - electronic development for makers make easy

  F.04 (pav. F)

Dott. Mauro Pagano - Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura e l'Analisi dell'Economia Agraria (CREA) - Centro di ricerca Ingegneria e Trasformazioni agroalimentari (CREA-IT)

Social farming: sustainable rural mobility and disability; the MOBI.RU.D. project Construction, development and fine-tuning of a self-propelled vehicle with electric traction to facilitate the mobility of disabled people with reduced mobility in rural environments, at the same time giving the possibility to carry out agricultural work.

  J.S.01 (pav. J)

Federico Rodighiero

my project is to create a 3D printed electric vehicle, customizable and reproducible by everyone.

  J.1.16 (pav. J)

MTM Project is an innovative Apulian SME specialized in software development and IT consulting, one of the pioneers in Italy in the design and development of …
  E.14 (pav. E)

Massimo Squillante, Vincenza Esposito, Gerarda Fattoruso

The aim of the project is to build a methodological prototype suitable to manage the quality control of production processes and organizational structure of production processes

Alessandro Luzi


Tetsuji Katsuda

Musical robots and humans form a band and play original musical instruments. Instruments are a mixture of electronic and traditional musical instruments.


My Frame FPV

My Frame FPV combines passion and skills to create elite products dedicated to the world of FPV drones.

  J.2.01 (pav. J)

Dmytro Khmara

My Sat Kit educational kit with functions of a real satellite.


Raffaello Bonghi

Nanosaur is a fully 3D printable robot made to work on your desk. Use a simple camera and use 2 OLED-like eyes. The size is only 10x12x6cm in only 500g and with a simple power-bank can wandering your desktop autonomously.

  J.2.06 (pav. J)

main author: Mariarosaria Emanuele, Alessandro Morello co-author: Mario DEttorre, Armando Altieri, Roberto Seghini, - the IoT team @ TecnoStudio Ars Innova

Smart plug and power limiter easy to use: your lights will never go out again

Riccardo Tesorini

This sound installation arises from the need to reflect the emotional disconnection we experience today due to the health emergency.


SetTopBox that solves the problem of the television standard changing in 2021, by also offering the possibility of watching streaming contents via internet, with additional fuctions for the safety of the old people

  F.11 (pav. F)

Mushon Zer-Aviv

Normalizi.ng is an experimental work exploring how machines come to define normal. What dangerous biases might machines inherit from us, its teachers?

  H.03 (pav. H)

Daniele Puppi

The work represents an electromagnetic storm towards the end of summer. The landscape, charged with mystery, emanates ambiguous and immeasurable forces.

  H.C (pav. H)

Gymnasium Vukovar, Croatia / Class Sophomore (Second year of high school)

Our project is based on the wireless transmission of signals using the principle of radio transmission whose initiator was Nikola Tesla.

OBDA Systems

OBDM: state-of-the-art semantic solutions for enterprise data governance

  B.27 (pav. B)

Pierre Garbo

An innovative optical sensor embedded in devices to monitor human machine interactions without altering the user experience

  K.13 (pav. K)

Giuseppe Notarstefano, Ivano Notarnicola, Andrea Testa, Andrea Camisa, Guido Carnevale, Lorenzo Sforni

OPT4SMART goals: i) provide a theoretical framework to solve distributed optimization problems; ii) develop numerical optimization tools for cyber-physical networks

  B.02 (pav. B)

Stefano Purchiaroni

The clock adopts an ultra-precision RTC (< 1 mn / year) and does not use the multiplexing technique, with an optimal lightning without compromises.

  F.07 (pav. F)

Silvio Scena

Modular Musical Instrument. Each module (1 octave, 12 dynamic keys ) can be used individually in stand-alone mode or assembled with others composing a full piano keyboard. The same object can be used for studio writing or recording, then musicians can use 1 or 2 octaves, or for live performances, then they can use 7/8 octaves. The modularity of the tool reduces its size, and thus favors the transportability. Pitchbend and Wifi module available!

  I.04 (pav. I)


Discover the relations between the actors of oxidative-stress related system and the dietary and lifestyle habits that affect its equilibrium

  D.18 (pav. D)

John M Collins a.k.a. The Paper Airplane Guy, Guinness World Record Holder for Paper Airplane Distance

John Collins, Guinness World Record Holder, teaches you how to make and fly his world record paper airplane.


Donato Abruzzese, Alessandro Tiero, Andrea Micheletti, Srey Mom Vuth, Pier Luigi Abiuso, Carlo Marocchini, Davide Bracale, Piera Cammarano, Mauro Di Giulio, Sara Ferrari, Gian Marco Grizzi

A system for permanent real-time wireless monitoring of the stress state in structural elements of new and existing buildings

Diego Romeo

A set of eleven Python simulators to study uniform circular motion, harmonic motion and collisions.

  J.2.15 (pav. J)

Daniele Leandri, Giuseppe Torino, Beppe Pennesi

Pianoforte Destrutturato is a futuristic assemblage of indipendent keys (keys-in-freedom). Each key produces a sound that can be played and programmed independently.

  K.06 (pav. K)

Elettra Robotics Lab

ElettrinoPlus is a prototyping board for DIY robotics with high performance, compatible with the Arduino environment.

  K.05 (pav. K)

Annalisa Di Bernardino, Valeria Jennings, Giacomo Dell'Omo, Enrico Cadau, Marco Cacciani

Development of low-cost microsensors for real-time meteorological and air quality monitoring.

Fab Lab L'Aquila ETS

Feed both your feathered friends and your mind with this smart, connected and friendly bird feeder.

Laboratorio Biotecnologie, ENEA

Plant Molecular Farming, a biotechnology platform that uses the biosynthetic machinery of plant cells for the production of biopharmaceuticals.

  J.S.22 (pav. J)

Daniele Loddo

An inkjet printer was transformed into a plotter by adding only an Arduino UNO board. With appropriate modifications it is possible to transform it into a vinyl, cardboard, paper or leather cutter.

  E.06 (pav. E)

M.Uras, R.Cossu, E.Ferrara, L.Atzori

PMA solution uses the radio fingerprint emitted by digital devices during daily activities to understand how we move, what attracts our attention and how we socialize.

  K.02 (pav. K)

Arijit Das

Under $100 and less than 1mW Pneumonia Detection solution for everyone using State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence.


PolyShaper: the best CNC desktop foam cutting machines

  E.04 (pav. E)

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

PoopBot is a robot that fuses technology, kawaii and fun for all!

PowerMeter Team

PowerMeter Home Edition is the energy you don't know to have

  J.T.26 (pav. J)

Gianfranco Romanazzi (project Coordinator), Antonio Ippolito (RU leader UNIBA), Davide Spadaro (RU leader UNITO)

StopMedWaste reduces loss and waste of fresh fruit, vegetables and aromatic plants by physical means, natural substances and biocontrol agents

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