Exhibitors 2023

Maker Faire Rome 2023: discover our makers, exhibitors and all the selected projects!

Riccardo Torquati


  E5 (pav. 7E.05)

Antonio Ianiero

An exhibit about the the extraordinary beauty of oscillatory motions

  C19 (pav. 5C.19)

EY, CREA, Peroni, pOsti, Simplysfa

The "Immersive Cube" is a three-dimensional environment that offers an immersive experience by projecting content, images and videos onto all the inner surfaces of the cube.

Inail is a non-economic public body that has expanded its functions in recent years and gradually changed its role within the Italian welfare system, increas …
  A20 (pav. 6A.20)

Fabrizio Frezza, Maurizio Troiano; Marco Mastrogiuseppe; Fabio Mangini; Luca Balestreri

Use of Georadar (or Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR) and electromagnetic diagnostic techniques for subsurface investigations of cultural heritage and archaeological/paleontological sites/resources

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

Infinit Sound Fx: Daniel Rosero and Katalina Soto

Achieve organic control over your sound effects using this versatile multi-instrument sound effects processor.

  C9 (pav. 5C.09)

Media Engineering SRL

Certainly, here's a summary of the capabilities of an AI-powered holographic avatar trained in agri-food topics:

An AI-driven holographic avatar in the agri-food sector can be a valuable ally. It can provide detailed information about foods, assist in preparing personalized dishes, and assess the environmental impact of food choices. Furthermore, it helps users monitor diets, suggest trends in the agri-food sector, and guide food purchases. By educating on food safety issues and sustainable farming practices, it can promote healthy and responsible eating behaviors. In agriculture, it offers support for optimized farming practices and data analysis. In summary, this AI avatar makes the agri-food sector more accessible, informed, and sustainable, for both consumers and producers.

  A4 (pav. 4A.04)

InfoCamere is the digital innovation company for the Italian Chambers of Commerce. Starting from the management of the Companies Register- Italy's economic r …
  B15 (pav. 5B.15)

Francesco Pappone, Valentina Di Marco, Leonardo Scalzi, Michele Gentile, Ludovico Carlin.

Innovation Community aims to bring innovation, the ability to do business or found a start-up to schools.

  H13 (pav. 3H.13)

Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Cutting-edge prototypes, from artificial intelligence to immersive reality, digital making and gaming, and others activities of the Phyrtual Innovation Gym.

Rainer Kuth

3d printing opens a new horizon of making buoyancy elements for scuba diving and snorkeling using common affordable 3d printers

Luigi Ferrigno, Gianfranco Miele, Luca Tari

Innovative integrated multi-physics platform for monitoring, efficiency, analysis, and predictive diagnostics in Smart Factories, Smart farms, and Smart Homes

Silvia Zoppellari

At the Maker Faire Rome booth, Pyla will showcase an exclusive collection of innovative accessories that embody the green approach and international allure of the brand.

  H20 (pav. 4H.20)

Small Giants

Enriched with insect flour, our products are mega tasty and packed with planet-positive protein. Ready to join this food revolution?

MindsHub APS

An app for taking care of the environment while having fun

  G10 (pav. 8G.10)

Autori: Andrea Abita, Francesco Onorati - Gruppo: Intelligenza Artigianale

Smart book storage with RFID detection for effortless book tracking and retrieval.

Fabrizio Frezza, Maurizio Troiano, Flavia Grignaffini, Giulia Paloni, Fabio Mangini

We designed a Machine Learning (ML) and a Deep Learning (DL) for nuclei classification by using features extracted by immunofluorescence images.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Sapienza Università di Roma
Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale

The future of sustainable agriculture will also depend on the adoption of innovative technologies like those being experimented with by researchers from some universities in Lazio.

  B1 (pav. 4B.01)

Intesa Sanpaolo Intesa Sanpaolo is the largest banking group in Italy – a point of reference for families, businesses and the real economy – with …
  D2 (pav. 5D.02)

Maria Clelia Scuteri

Invaerso challenges the limits of the conventional world through a unique and innovative supply chain to create non-ordinary jewels that have the ability to leave a significant and profound mark.

Luna Rasetti

Recycle for the future, do it togheter!

  D3 (pav. 7D.03)

Paride Duello (e-Nable Italia)

Design of assistive devices led by children with disabilities. An application of a new design paradigm: Disability led Design.

  D4 (pav. 6D.04)


The most innovative IoT technologies for satellite and terrestrial communication anywhere

  A18 (pav. 3A.18)

Carmine Bourelly, Luigi Ferrigno, Gianfranco Miele

IoT smart sensor for Radon gas concentration monitoring in indoor working places according to the EU Council Directive 2013/59/EURATOM.

iotilize.me - Matteo Giaccone, Francesco Goberti, Francesco Castellano

iotilize.me shows the real-time amount of waste inside any kind of container, taking collectors work to a new level

Avelon Bardhi, Pietro Chillè, Giorgia Grilli, Francesco Tuzzi

A game designed to help teach children about sustainability and waste recycling through a fun challenging game.


Federico Giannakopoulos

IT2 in italian stands for seaplane test number 2. The objective of this project? Making experiments and explore innovative building methods between past and future.

Marco Cristofanilli

Generative AI Project demo based on Italian GPU Cloud infrastructures.

  A4 (pav. 5A.04)

ITSRED Academy

For a better construction site we must be able to trace the products used, up to their correct installation

Founded in 2020, Jirama is an innovative startup in Tech, Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, VR and Gaming. It studies and develops new businesses thank to …
  C1 (pav. 3C.01)

Karthesia presents itself on the market with patented innovation in the field of construction systems studied in the prestigious Department of Mechanical and …
  D2 (pav. 8D.02)

Polito Sailing Team

A boat made of recyclable and sustainable materials aiming lightness and performance.

  C10 (pav. 6C.10)

Upg S.r.l.s. / Andrea Marotta

KeyGest is the electronic key that manages the complete access control and management

  E19 (pav. 3E.19)

Paolo Cintia

Kode has been creating Artificial Intelligence products and solutions for its customers for over 10 years in the logistics, industry 4.0, chemical and healthcare sectors. Thanks to its experience and mix of multidisciplinary skills, it is the ideal technological partner for companies that want to embark on a path of digital transformation, leveraging Data Science to improve and simplify own business thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

  B16 (pav. 7B.16)

Jerelyn Creado

Bringing together old age art and new age art to make the perfect artisanal pair of shoes.

  H6 (pav. 4H.06)


Our ethical fashion vegan and cruelty-free Promoters of our ethical fashion since 2019, we believe a way of life respectful of the environment and animals is not made up of renunciations, but of choices. Every choice we make is a challenge we accept

  H16 (pav. 4H.16)

CMP3VdA is a cutting-edge research center in the field of genomic analysis and Big Data. The Research Center, created thanks to the 5000genomi@VdA project, i …
  E10 (pav. 4E.10)

f.lli garuti srl / centro studi doria

innovative packaging, eco-sustainable, 100% recyclable, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Michela Addis, Giorgia Masili, Caterina Conigliani, Luca Spinesi, Elina De Simone, Luca Aversano, Mariachiara Giorda, Elisabetta Bonvino

Cultural Heritage is a key driver of individual well-being and resilience. Our project tests this relationship

Marco Baruzzo e Carlo Fonda

By re-using a water fountain we built a "Wilson's Cloud chamber" particle detector, come and enjoy electrons and muons!

  E2 (pav. 3E.02)

Studenti Triennio Articolazione Automazione

Multidisciplinary teaching sheet for the verification of electronic circuits of interest and for the monitoring of the main environmental parameters for human safety.

  D4 (pav. 8D.04)

Susanna Cattaneo, Alberto Carugo, Giulia De Gois, Andrea Delaini

La giusta via is a fun game that teaches children general knowledge and gestures.

  I10 (pav. 3I.10)

La tana del mago

The first Italian magic wand that shoots real fireballs.

  L15 (pav. 3L.15)

Invisible Cities srl

Discover how timekeeping has contributed to the evolution of technology through an exciting VR 360 journey

  C1 (pav. 5C.01)

Responsabile scientifico: Daniele Calisi. Con: Stefano Botta, Alessandro Cannata. Grazie all’aiuto di: Lorenzo Carbonari, Matteo Durante, Michela Di Seri, Marco Peperoni Romano

Terragni in Rome: three never completed projects for Via dell'Impero. VR for the immersive representation of the virtual architectural space.

Massimo Reverberi, Stefano Sarti, Antonella Cartoni, Federica Favino, Luca Iocchi, Marco Scuderi, Claudio Chimenti, Alessio Valletta, Giulia Capotorti

Thanks to the lab2go project, many schools have had the opportunity in recent years to redevelop their school laboratory and re-evaluate the role of laboratory activity in learning STEM disciplines.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

IISS "G Salvemini" Alessano (scuola capofila del progetto); ITT "P Paleocapa" Bergamo; IISS "D Scano" Cagliari

LAB3 school networks for full-access relations and opportunities aiming at remote machines and robots controlling and programming

  D6 (pav. 8D.06)

Massimiliano Di Cuia

LabelBay the first software for automatic creation of print-ready graphic files for personalized products sold online on marketplaces and ecommerce

  F5 (pav. 5F.05)

Prof. Stefano Carrese, Prof. Marialisa Nigro, Prof. Fabrizio D’Amico.

Technologies for tracking, tracing and classifying vehicular and pedestrian flows. Digital models of linear transportation infrastructure making use also of cutting-edge technologies such as VR & AR viewers.

  D20 (pav. 6D.20)

Maker Camp, Marco Vigelini

Explore, learn, and grow with Maker Camp's educational labs! We fuse Minecraft, Roblox, Splatoon, Super Mario and simracing into unforgettable learning experiences

  MAKERCAMP (pav. 8)
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