Exhibitors 2019

Category "makers"

Sara De Franceschi
Objects for play and therapy purpose, to understand the senses and use them to learn about the world

Alberto Alessandrini
Design and marketing portable beach safe! (safe portable container)The safe is equipped with a 110 Db alarm sound system, 3D Motion sensors X, Y, Z, and Accelerometer

Gruppo operativo SIMODROFILA
The SIMODROFILA project proposes an innovative monitoring systems for sustainable control of Drosophila suzukii and other fruit pests.
  C13 (pav. 3)

Paolo Bonelli
ProMicroLoRa is a home-brew board that allows a LoRa modulation radio connection on the free 868 MHz frequency. It is very economical, consumes little energy, goes very far, requires little software that can be managed with the Arduino IDE and interfaces with many different sensors.

Daniele Vigo
An infinite puzzle made with laser cutting to teach words to children through programming and colors.

Team "Nao & forever" formato da: Lorenzo Manini, Luca Silva, Nasko Stamenov, Valentina Cannariato, Filippo Lin, Emanuela Braghieri, Filippo Carini, Federica Bessi, Federica Messa, Nicholas Azzini, Francesco Nicolini.
Electronic cubes allow you to solve problems related to mathematics or language, turning an educational activity into a fun activity.
  B4 (pav. 9)

Niccolò Sala, Manuel Rocco
Q-WALK, wearable device, connected with App, for gait training in people with Parkinson's disease.
  A19 (pav. 6)

British Interplanetary Society
Working amateur radio station via geostationary satellites and additional informations about amateur radio activities in space.

Sonia Zaru, Valentina Rossi, Grazia Faleschini
The project plans to make people do physical activity through a simple running game, made of LED, engaging and competitive.

Rai Ragazzi
Coding turns into a challenge: Tv game-show ROB-O-COD 2 edition is about to kick off! This programme is a Rai Ragazzi tv production in cooperation with CRITS …
  C1 (pav. 5)

Tatsuya Kaneko, Tetsuya Asai, and Hiroshi Momose (Hokkaido University)
A newly-developed reconfigurable AI accelerator for Arduino and the AI systems are exhibited. Everybody can touch and enjoy them.

Team ITT Giorgi
A remote controlled robot, useful for investigating disaster sites, analyze them in order to plan the rescue phase, retrieve images and estabilish an audio link with survivors

Restart / Laura Bernard, Marco Lucino, Paolo Sancamillo
Art collective focused on craftsmanship and recycling. In addition to creation, it carries out experiential activities through courses and workshops.

Reason out Factory
Retro e Tool is a retrofit prototipe usefull to convert agricultural motorized tools intoo electric ones: easy to build and fully functional.

RevoLù Art
We give a new life to waste materials by making handmade jewels and eco-design objects
  F21 (pav. 3)

Prevent E-waste now! Reware, the specialized social business that prevents E-waste through the refurbishment of huge amounts of IT assets.

Ri-ciclabile di Anna e Vale
Re-cycling means recovering materials destined for undifferentiated waste collection (no PET, paper, glass) to give them a second chance.

Leone Francesca
Recycling of inner tubes. Material very well shited to make handmade jewelery and accessories.
  F8 (pav. 3)

Rifò is an emerging circular fashion brand. We collect old clothes, we select them by color and quality to make a new yarn which we use to craft new apparels and accessories.

Ring Boxe
  G3 (pav. 6)

riscarti festival
Marketplaces for artisans and craftpeople who transform technological waste in handmade and design products Glomoire, PlastcArt, Sabellico, BackBo

Riscarti Fest
Riscarti, international festival of upcycling (music, expo and workshop) reuses obsolete materials and garbage, to rekindle ecological intelligence, re-design the idea of useless, offering moments of sociality, art and growth. Recycling costs nothing, it’s a culture's matter!

Tiziana Monterisi Architetto
RiceHouse produces natural building materials based on rice residuals and promotes circular economy "from the field to the house".

Fondazione Mondo Digitale
Road to RomeCup2020 enhances the work of young people who develop original prototypes for international competitions and challenges launched by universities

The Robot Disco Helmet is a 3D printable project with integrated NeoPixel lights!

3DiTALY e Formlabs
3DiTALY-Formlabs minifactory combines 3D printers and robots. A system that increases production speed and reduces errors.

Al - Hassan Schools
Our project is a robot that acts like a firefighter.It detects fire,put it off,deports smoke gathered in the fire area. Also it sends an email to the fire station.
  A10 (pav. 5)

DAM Bros Robotics
Robot designed to bring kids closer to programming and robotics. It offers endless possibilities for experimenting with the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).
  E15 (pav. 7)

Elettra Robotics Lab
55cm tall humanoid robot with 20 degrees of freedom. Moved​​by digital servomotors RC 40kgcm. ATmega128/PIC18F2321 controller .
  B36 (pav. 9)

Michele Cancelli, Mattia D'Angelo, Giulio Gaetti
With our project, we want to show how sometimes, we kid can and we are more enterprising than many adults. We have always tried to, even though small invention, to improve the world next to us or to report perished values. A mix between dated and future, between innovation and rediscovery.

Sergio Subrizi & Acme System
Rotala is a full featured woodworking router table, with electronic position control, Digital Read Out touch screen panel. The touch screen panel is a project by Acme Systems called "CM3 Panel", based on the CM3 Raspberry Pi board. The control panel "Rotala Panel" is an Open Source project that can be adapted to any personal project needing a DRO and position control.

Miriam Ronchi, Francesca Raimondi, Mattia Ventrella e Ülker Aral
Row-Ro is a custom made brace with an adjustable closure system designed for Rosina, a girl who has an incomplete tetraplegia, who wants to continue the practice of rowing.

Matteo Berrettoni
A flashlight-pumped solid state ruby laser
  H17 (pav. 6)

Liberini Giorgio
This project aims to help photographers sell photos during events and sporting events or competition.
  H21 (pav. 6)

It doesn't matter if you feel being a Jedi or a Sith: you need a SaberLED to enter the battle!

Claudia Zoani
Diet & food pyramid, the colors of food, packaging (formats, materials, sustainable packaging, smart-packaging), agri-food supply chain, authenticity & fraud
  C3 (pav. 3)

Sapienza Rocket Team
SASA Sapienza Rocket Team. Developing technological demonstrators and rocket models for competitions: avionics and solid, hybrid, water rockets

Sapienza Space Team
The project consist in the designing of a proto-satellite which has to simulate a space mission on a smaller scale.

SASA - Sapienza Aerospace Student Association
The cultural Association Sapienza Aerospace Student Association helps the student to develop ideas and elaborate topics in aerospace field.
  E22 (pav. 7)

The School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (SEI) aims to promote entrepreneurial inclination of university students, through training sessions in the classroom, operational experience in the world of innovative companies/startups and testimonials of entrepreneurs, investors and professionals.
  F17 (pav. 8)

G.Eco, L.U.D.I.S., ScienzImpresa
  KIDS ISLAND 4 (pav.

Secure Shelter is a system for structural health monitoring of buildings and infrastructures based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

A prototype electrical patented 4wd wheelchair capable of climb steps and stairs

TecnoSeta srl
Silk: ancient future craft. Innovation and technology in order to make silk thread by circular economy and made in Italy.

Food, house, health, energy, work, art and culture. Shamballa answers at basic human needs through digital fabrication.

Olha Ivchenko
Almost everything can be done from wool by your hands. These techniques have no waste, woolen things can be redone many times.

Gaya Fior, Enrique Canessa, Carlo Fonda, Marco Baruzzo, Sara Sossi, Erika Ronchin, Fabio Bensi
A flexible screen composed by almost four hundreds pixels with an individually addressable RGD LED, for a great visual effect and able to display a range of colourful effects. This low-cost DIY screen in a future version will have a Kinect sensor to detect the position of a person or object standing in front of it, to allow interesting applications for education and gaming.

Stefano Cimei, Andrea Ugolini.
Methodology and instrumentation for the encapsulation of liquids in edible capsules of calcium alginate.

Sidereus Space Dynamics Srl.
Sidereus is a company with the aim of developing new space transportation systems through the space economy.

Anmic Siena
A prototype system aiming at overcoming barriers that persons with disabilities face everyday in urban contexts and shops.
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