Exhibitors 2023

Maker Faire Rome 2023: discover our makers, exhibitors and all the selected projects!

Giuseppe De Lorenzo

LUCIESP - A real time display monitor for zucchetti, sofar solar and voltronic solar inverters and related batteries

  D16 (pav. 4D.16)

LVenture Group S.p.A.

LVenture Group è una società di Venture Capital quotata in Borsa Italiana che investe in startup digitali

  D4 (pav. 3D.04)


MaCh3D is a smart Material Testing platform aimed to speed-up and democratize material testing moving it outside laboratories directly to industrial production or makers/students/innovators' desks.

Sartorato Caterina, Vanini Fabiana, Maistri Gabriele, Gorra Elisa

Macro-Micro allows you to learn fundamental categories and their subcategories through an immersive experience of images, opening children's minds to discovery.

  I14 (pav. 3I.14)

Pierfrancesco Panunzi

Now you can do incredible magical effects with little expense and lots of inventiveness using only Arduino and App Inventor (Android) and 3D print.

  C24 (pav. 3C.24)

MAIRE leads a technology and engineering group that develops and implements innovative solutions to enable the energy transition. We offer sustainable techno …

Alessandro Stroppa, Dirigente di Ricerca CNR-SPIN c/o L'Aquila e Karin Giorgini, Insegnante Scuola Primaria

How to explain the complexity of symmetry breaking to primary school children, using simple games with geometric figures?

  C14 (pav. 5C.14)

Milan Alice, Nepa Francesco, Sabato Marco.

"Mangioco" is a set of multi-sensory tools for children, designed for the period after weaning and before the transition to classic cutlery.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)


Maria Patrizia Marra Jewels - Salento designer This is where her jewels are born, inspired by memories of the past, nature and her homeland. Jewels that speak of the sea, of fragrances, embellished with starfish, prickly pears, seahorses and corals. His creations represent a bridge between the past and the present, between Salento and the new context of the modern city, without losing sight of the details of the refined craftsmanship of each jewel, all made in bronze and silver. Intended for women of all ages, the fundamental characteristic that unites them is feeling free, refined and elegant.

Pierluigi Zerbini e Luigi Cirulli

In this project we use a plastic bottle of mineral water to simulate the resistance that the abdomen of the human body opposes during compressions in emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ETC). For the training of people in this type of maneuvers, are generally used specialized mannequins that, while reproducing in an exact manner the human anatomy, are on the other hand very expensive, limiting in fact the number of people who can try at least once the experience of simulation.

  A13 (pav. 6A.13)

Leonardo Guidoni, Davide Ubaldi, Silvia Baccaro, Antonella Malatesta

A real videogame to learn Math by playing. It is suitable for kids (8-12) and their innovative teachers.


MAUS - Arduino Clone that acts as a Mouse Jiggler. With on board RED LED and WS2812B RGB LED. Fully Customizable.

  E4 (pav. 3E.04)

V.E.T.RO.: Luca Distefano, Anna Fumagalli, Giuliano Giampietro, Jamila Naffati, Catia Romaniello, Vincenzo Maria Vitale, Prof. Marilena Vendittelli

Immerse yourself into a 3D virtual reality environment and feel haptic feedback by simulating medical procedures.

  D10 (pav. 5D.10)

Cesaria de Vincenzo, Emiliano Piccinin

MeeTravel is the social network powered by AI for finding your ideal travel buddies.

  G2 (pav. 4G.02)

Melopero designs, manufactures, and distributes electronics, including development boards and sensors for rapid prototyping, along with the essential softwar …
  A6 (pav. 3A.06)

IIS "Verona Trento" di Messina

refitting of disused materials for the construction of an electric vehicle with microcontroller management systems

Rossella Manganiello, Mauro Pagano, Roberto Ciccoritti, Roberto Tomasone, Carla Cedrola

The micro-lab is an innovative portable and easy-to-use system equipped with low-cost digital and sensorized devices to continuously monitor the main chemico-physical parameters of storage liquids of some agri-food products.

Isabella Pisano e Antonino Biundo

With a creative scientific and culture approach MICRO4BIO project aims to promote the impact of biotechnology on everyday life.

Jack Daly

A palm-sized Build-Your-Own arcade cabinet made entirely from PCB

  B15 (pav. 8B.15)

Luigi d'Aquino

The 'Microcosm to grow plants under biotic and abiotic conditioning' is an innovative device for growing plants under laboratory conditions like under wild and crop conditions, suitable for basic and applied reasearch.

  C4 (pav. 4C.04)

Mind Room Lab s.r.l.

VR apps for concentration in Sports

  A1 (pav. 7A.01)


Experience the future of control surfaces with Mine S - a versatile, customizable, and innovative modular controller for diverse applications.

Enrico Saccone

Amazing cardboard furniture! Beautiful, eco-friendly, and easy to make.

  I8 (pav. 4I.08)

Fiorella Sinesio, Elisabetta Moneta, Marina Peparaio, Eleonora Saggia Civitelli

Modulate the perception of salty and sweet taste through taste-taste and taste-smell interactions and adaptation to small and progressive reductions in the amount of salt/sugar in foods.

  B7 (pav. 4B.07)

Pasquale Iavecchia

Revolutionize automation with our Arduino based controllers. Experience seamless integration and smart control for homes and industries. #Innovation #Automation #MakerFaire


Hi-tech monitoring for the sustainable management of the olive grove ecosystem in Lazio

  A12 (pav. 4A.12)

Laurent Muzellec

Learn how to automate plant watering and hack a mosquito swatter. Two projects do not seem to share much except the passion for innovation and sharing in a pure Maker spirit!

Mouser Electronics, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is an authorised semiconductor and electronic component distributor focused on New Product Introductions fr …
  F1 (pav. 3F.01)

Ji-Hyun Ko

Moving Gunpla & Figure project remodeled a Gundam plastic model kit with a servo, LED, USB camera, controlled by Arduino Board. Attendee can control the items.

  G8 (pav. 3G.08)

Medici Senza Frontiere

Discover the work of Doctors Without Borders aid workers in the field through a virtual journey.

  H6 (pav. 8H.06)

Centro Piaggio

Legged-wheeled robots for extreme autonomy and mobility

  G19 (pav. 6G.19)


lnteractive virtual reality path on the heritage of the Museum of School and Education, Department of Education, Roma Tre University

Team "Black-Hole" - Istituto Superiore "Volta" - Castel San Giovanni - PC

Everyone can experience playing the piano

Gianmarco Merlini - B.P.S.

MusicHArt transforms music into works of abstract art with the aim of representing the artist's intimate communicative message

MyCamicia is excited to introduce its revolutionary 3D measuring booth, set to completely change the world of custom tailoring. MyCamicia's measuring …
  A8 (pav. 5A.08)

Castelli International School, Rome Grade 8

Biofabrication at Castelli International School. Replace plastic with a sustainable material that grows on agricultural waste to make a lamp

Vittorio Boneschi - Paolo Pezzolla

MyEasyCarbon is a digital platform developed to support farmers and the agrifood supply chain to increase food safety, treacebility and sustainability.

IntTV - Filippo Toni & Franco Umani


Mylène Cave, marquetry & wood art - arts & crafts

Wood veneers inlays hand-crafted to make illustrations, custom board games and pregnancy ultrasounds as thin as lace.

  E11 (pav. 4E.11)

Eugenio Cannada Bartoli

We help to relieve stress before it happens

  L3 (pav. 4L.03)

Walter Lucetti

Intelligent autonomous ground robot with 3D eyes that analyzes the surroundings with AI.


New way of making ice cream, using liquid nitrogen to achieve a truly unique outcome as well as focusing on minimizing waste for a more sustainable approach. Combined with a chance of turning one product into multiple different outcomes. From juice, to ice cream or popsicle.

  F2 (pav. 4F.02)

NAMINO is a new reality totally made in Italy. NAMINO offers the best Italian quality, the newest microprocessors, the highest technology and the widest indu …
  C18 (pav. 3C.18)

Raffaello Bonghi

nanosaur is an Italian open-source and 3D printable platform, designed to wander on your desk. With this platform, you learn the fundamentals of ROS2 and NVIDIA Isaac ROS GEMs. Learning how to use AI applied in robotics.

  D6 (pav. 5D.06)

Team NAO&SFCS I.I.S. "G. Marconi" Nocera Inferiore (SA)

The project called (NAO&SFCSacronym of AO &SMART FOOD CONSERVATION SYSTEM aims to create a low-cost solution based on an IoT and AI architecture to monitor and manage food conservation.

Adriano Giannini

It's a “beverage design” editorial format, consisting of a short story associated with a tea or herbal tea bag, whose reading time coincides with that of infusion: 5 minutes.

posti s.r.l.

An agrifood metaverse with metabolic avatars, blockchain-tracked products, and immersive technologies for healthy and sustainable nutrition.

Prof.ssa Agata Aurilio-ITI "G.Ferraris" Napoli

The project consists of two devices that had the aim of responding to the health emergency due to Covid-19

  D10 (pav. 8D.10)


Create and manufacture new products by reusing by-products of company processes such as: Cardboard, MDF, Chipboard, all FSC certified.

Daniele Pizzichini, Gian Paolo Leone, Matteo Dogali, Emilia Pucci, Valeria Poscente, Claudia Zoani

New bakery products, valorisation of food waste and by-products, circular economy, "green" extraction technologies, supercritical CO2, membrane extraction

  C2 (pav. 4C.02)
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