Exhibitors 2023

Maker Faire Rome 2023: discover our makers, exhibitors and all the selected projects!

Centro Piaggio

Legged-wheeled robots for extreme autonomy and mobility

  G19 (pav. 6G.19)


lnteractive virtual reality path on the heritage of the Museum of School and Education, Department of Education, Roma Tre University

Vincent Candela, Nicola Cilento, Roberto Feri

Sports museum is an exhibition area with memorabilia that tell the values, emotions, history, sacrifices, victories and defeats of great champions.

  F3 (pav. 7F.03)

  G5 (pav. 7G.05)

Team "Black-Hole" - Istituto Superiore "Volta" - Castel San Giovanni - PC

Everyone can experience playing the piano

Gianmarco Merlini - B.P.S.

MusicHArt transforms music into works of abstract art with the aim of representing the artist's intimate communicative message

MyCamicia is excited to introduce its revolutionary 3D measuring booth, set to completely change the world of custom tailoring. MyCamicia's measuring …
  A8 (pav. 5A.08)

Castelli International School, Rome Grade 8

Biofabrication at Castelli International School. Replace plastic with a sustainable material that grows on agricultural waste to make a lamp

Vittorio Boneschi - Paolo Pezzolla

MyEasyCarbon is a digital platform developed to support farmers and the agrifood supply chain to increase food safety, treacebility and sustainability.

IntTV - Filippo Toni & Franco Umani


Mylène Cave, marquetry & wood art - arts & crafts

Wood veneers inlays hand-crafted to make illustrations, custom board games and pregnancy ultrasounds as thin as lace.

  E11 (pav. 4E.11)

Eugenio Cannada Bartoli

We help to relieve stress before it happens

  L3 (pav. 4L.03)

Marco Aguzzi

MyPoint is an electronic system that allows players to manage and share the score independently during a padel, tennis, beach tennis and Pickleball game.

  D12 (pav. 7D.12)

Walter Lucetti

Intelligent autonomous ground robot with 3D eyes that analyzes the surroundings with AI.


New way of making ice cream, using liquid nitrogen to achieve a truly unique outcome as well as focusing on minimizing waste for a more sustainable approach. Combined with a chance of turning one product into multiple different outcomes. From juice, to ice cream or popsicle.

  F2 (pav. 4F.02)

NAMINO is a new reality totally made in Italy. NAMINO offers the best Italian quality, the newest microprocessors, the highest technology and the widest indu …
  C18 (pav. 3C.18)

Raffaello Bonghi

nanosaur is an Italian open-source and 3D printable platform, designed to wander on your desk. With this platform, you learn the fundamentals of ROS2 and NVIDIA Isaac ROS GEMs. Learning how to use AI applied in robotics.

  D6 (pav. 5D.06)

Team NAO&SFCS I.I.S. "G. Marconi" Nocera Inferiore (SA)

The project called (NAO&SFCSacronym of AO &SMART FOOD CONSERVATION SYSTEM aims to create a low-cost solution based on an IoT and AI architecture to monitor and manage food conservation.


Adriano Giannini

It's a “beverage design” editorial format, consisting of a short story associated with a tea or herbal tea bag, whose reading time coincides with that of infusion: 5 minutes.

posti s.r.l.

An agrifood metaverse with metabolic avatars, blockchain-tracked products, and immersive technologies for healthy and sustainable nutrition.

Prof.ssa Agata Aurilio-ITI "G.Ferraris" Napoli

The project consists of two devices that had the aim of responding to the health emergency due to Covid-19

  D10 (pav. 8D.10)


Create and manufacture new products by reusing by-products of company processes such as: Cardboard, MDF, Chipboard, all FSC certified.

Daniele Pizzichini, Gian Paolo Leone, Matteo Dogali, Emilia Pucci, Valeria Poscente, Claudia Zoani

New bakery products, valorisation of food waste and by-products, circular economy, "green" extraction technologies, supercritical CO2, membrane extraction

  C2 (pav. 4C.02)

OfficineApogeo srls, Costantina De Mitri, Luca Di Massimo

Experiments on solar energy, wind energy, fuel cells.

  E12 (pav. 8E.12)

OfficineApogeo srls, Costantina De Mitri, Luca Di Massimo

We will perform some chemistry, physics and biology experiments, useful to improve science teaching at school.

  E12 (pav. 8E.12)

Alunni della classe 3C del Liceo Scientifico Alessandro Volta di Foggia

The project intends to recycle old toys making them robotic through microcontrollers that allow them to be reused in a fun and creative way.

Annalisa Santucci, Stefania Lamponi, Michela Geminiani, Ottavia Spiga, Giacomo Spinsanti

Innovation Lab with the goal of creating products derived from waste, which can make the process of formulating a new product and bring it to market

Iannella Christian

Open IoT aims to provide a ready-to-use open-source and open-hardware home automation system.

  C12 (pav. 3C.12)


WeMake, fablab and makerspace in Milan, presents projects created to support communities in the development of objects and services for the common good.

Rodolfo Bonnin, Davide Carollo

Build your next virtual pipe organ workstation with full open-source projects and components.

  C6 (pav. 5C.06)

G. Blandino, S. Strano, S. Donzelli C.Pulito, C.Frascolla, S. Vaccarella, D.Rutigliano, R. Brandi

3D culture models of cancer cells used to replicate tumor biology for drug development and personalized medicine.

Alessandra Natalino

Oro Invisibile is the brand of solidarity jewelry which design is made by visually impaired and blind people thanks to 3D technology.

  H17 (pav. 4H.17)

Precision Farming Course - ITS Agroalimentare per il Piemonte

A new green and "spatial" way to Circular Economy and susteinability approach

  E3 (pav. 6E.03)

OSEQ makes the best 3D printing plates on the planet providing a new generation 3D print surface. First layer matters!
  C14 (pav. 3C.14)

Claudio Gasparini

Build Your Own Cardboard Robot #OttoCardy made with both Arduino and micro:bit that is an example of creative robotics at a very low cost.

  D13 (pav. 5D.13)

Sandra Chistolini

Cultural Heritage and handmade creation

Francesca De Felice, Claudia Marchetti

OVERSEA is an application that supports medical activity, in the field of oncology.

  H3 (pav. 6H.03)

ZenTime srl

P8 is a true Full Range Boat: an incredible Discovery Machine for discovering the Planet by breathing wind and adventure, wherever water is, wherever life is.

  C3 (pav. 7C.03)

Alberto Alessandrini

portable safe from recycled plastic materials, with the use of used fishing nets

Giacomo Cacciamani, Giuseppe Saponaro

Packo helps e-commerce companies send their packages easily and sustainably adopting a circular model.


Adults academy Club membership campaign Clinic 2/3 days

  D1 (pav. 7D.01)

Daniel Tucciarone

We are placed to share our knwolodge in the amateur padel tennis, involving the players and the costumers with events and match

  C5 (pav. 7C.05)

Luigi Spera

PADEL SMASH FUTURE powered by Padel Trend Expo

  C6 (pav. 7C.06)

Luigi Spera

Padel Trend "Future" is an innovative laboratory of ideas linked to the promotion and development of the sport of the moment and its applications in the digital and technological fields

Karin Cappelletti

PADEL WOOD is the first didactical Padel racket entirely Made in Italy.

  D8 (pav. 7D.08)

Stefano Spadaro - Roberto Cardinali

Padelaroma.it is an e-commerce site for the sale of specific padel equipment. Rackets and more to help players of all levels find the right equipment for every need. We have the opportunity to test the rackets on the field with a certified master, trainer and technician specialized in the constructive improvement of the rackets themselves. We have several collection points and pro shops in Rome where you can come and visit us and discover all the products at super competitive prices.

  C2 (pav. 7C.02)

Walter Turniano

Panda-Bike is a brand from Italica by Walter Turniano. Our company designs and produces standard and customized cargo bikes. Our cargo bikes are meant for those who love a green lifestyle: families, animal lovers, people with mobility difficulties, street food, delivery, promoters, etc...

  B18 (pav. 7B.18)

Tommaso Caligari

Markerless AI-based device for gait analysis and earlier diagnosis of Parkinson disease.

Khaled Megahed CEO and Business Development Manager,Dr M.Nazmy Co-Founder e CTO

RML (Rome Mobility Link) unites sustainable transport, school management, and accessibility through innovative RFID wearables and cloud connectivity.

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