Exhibitors 2022

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Amedeo Lepore, Pasquale Adobbato, Simone Bacci

ABACHOS - Automatic Back Home System - statospheric automatic back-home glider

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Tecnico Quadriennale ECS - Economia Circolare e Sostenibilit - Istituto Superiore ALBERTI di ROMA

Alberti Hybrid is a project for the rationalization of Energy Systems and Technologies in Schools applied in a pilot form at the Alberti Institute

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5^ A ET ITT "E. Majorana" di Milazzo

Our product APS 2.0 is an ALL IN ONE SOLUTION as with a unique system it grants a complete protection to all adverse weather conditions. It is not a luxury product, actually it is cheap. APS 2.0 is a protection for plants and its main feature is to intervene when there are hostile weather conditions.

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Classe 5A Chimica ITI Cannizzaro

The nettle fibers have been kneaded with calcium oxide and water thus obtaining a resistant product. The compound obtained was placed inside a mold that allows to give the brick the desired shape.

Onorato Passarelli - IIS ITG ITI Vibo Valentia

Domotic and entertainment system, in virtual reality, managed with the thought by people with motor disabilities.

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ITIS "E. Fermi" - Tommaso Abitante, Tommaso Coviello, Matteo De Vivo, Emma Pucci, Valerio Leonetti, Emanuela Colangiuli.

It makes driving vehicles on two wheels easier, safer and smarter. Messages and sensors for innovative driving.

Samir Buzatu, Andrea Lombardo, Michele Ottaviano, Francesco Pilato, Christian Violo - ITET Rapisardi Da Vinci - Caltanissetta

A system consisting of a set of devices capable of analyzing the state of water pollution over vast geographical territories.

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Peetri Lasteaed - Phikool, 7 class

Students created games about European countries, their flags and capitals. They used the web-based programs Scratch and AppInventor to make games.

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Biasi Riccardo, Martini Filippo, Ninni Nicol, Zaramella Jacopo, I.T.I. "F. Severi" Padova PD, Italy, school of Mechanics, Mechatronics and Informatics.

Its an innovative, effective and ergonomic exoskeleton fixed to the patient's legs, using elastic bands, for assistive and rehabilitative purposes.

Gbor Prill Lszl Sisa - Dalma Zsig Nyregyhza Vocational Training Center Bnki Dont Engineering Technical Secondary School and Student Hostel

The HandExo is a personalizable hand-exoskeleton, it can redefine the future of hand rehabilitation.

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Why travel around the city by car when you can use a hydrogen bike, sustainable and with a high range?

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Istituto Massimiliano Massimo

Make your big airplanes, or even, smartphone-controlled paper-based and get European drone pilot license to be ready for the future

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Mirko Tumbiolo e Simone Fusco - classe V Elettronica - Scuola Superiore E.Breda Salesianisesto

We make your desktop portable: a revolutionary backpack with a wood fiber structure to mount your hardware.

Tehnical school, Slavonski Brod, Croatia, Mechanical computer technician, 4th grade

The press for cold pressing of oilseeds works on the principle of compressing the mass in it body by means of a spiral-shaped shaft that pushes the mass that we press forward.


Smart School for Healthier Classrooms allows automated classroom monitoring of the IAQ

IIS "Sandro Pertini" Alatri - prof.ssa Sara Chiarella, prof.ssa Stefania Tagliaferri

A glance to the future: innovative antimicrobial material for 3D printing developed in a virtuous collaboration between school and industry.

Federico Machetti, Albis Veli classe V A Elettronica e Robotica IIS Tito Sarrocchi Siena.

An IOT functionality offered by the network added to an electric wheelchair will get the Automated_Smart Weelchair, a tool to facilitate the daily life of disabled people.

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