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Davide Barreca
It's rooted in the territories in which we live, with their several alternatives. It's a constant search for alternatives to modern materials. It's a utopia; th …

Antonino Cotroneo @ WeMake
A digitally-fabricated tool for visually impaired people, teachers and pedagogists to help in the design of electronic circuits.

Stefano Corinaldesi
our filaments are all produced in Italy with grade polymers and mixtures we have developed and patented. Our PLA LAYER is totally different from the standard …
  O5 - Possibilità di stampare con stampanti FFF materiali tecnopolimeri, stampare plantari su misura

RAD was born to fullfil the needs of uniqueness and semplicity of people and businesses, all that sectors in which it can be decisive for their evolution and di …
  V9 - RAD - Revolutionary Art Design

FabLab Genova
We found a way to express our passion for skiing even during the warm season. We moved from the slopes to our FabLab and started crafting our tools exploring th …

Elena Cardinali
The design derives from the skateboard production process study and the discovery of a large amount of wasted material that can be reused. Skarto consists of a …

Francesco Perego
SLICED is a modular table that is completely customizable. The idea came from the desire to create a table with which the final user can literally interact duri …
  P41 - SLICED "choose slice make your furniture"
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