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Silvio Scena
Modular Musical Instrument. Each module (1 octave, 12 dynamic keys ) can be used individually in stand-alone mode or assembled with others composing a full p …

Among the various projects carried out by AMMILAB, a new automatic musical ensemble stands out at the MFR2015. It is made up of a street organ, built to faithfu …

Marco Rampin
Common class D audio power amplifiers are based on semiconductor devices used as electronic power switches directly applying the power supply to the loudspeaker …
  V5 - AmpDiVa - Amplificatori Digitali Valvolari

This project consists in the creation of a musical instrument, in this particular case a laser harp with small and cheap lasers, Arduino as control and a sound …
  V6 - Arpa laser e sistema integrato di sicurezza per droni

Giovanni Melis, Renato Ruatti, Mauro Moia
We create aluminum guitars and basses. We accepted the challenge and won: the meeting between the National and the Telecaster. A love dream. Electronics, Metal, …
  V19 - Noahguitars

Team di makers del fablab InnovationGym: Stefano Antinori, Marco Contini, Andrea Belli,
System based on Arduino connected to four accelerometers placed on four limbs that send positive and negative accelerations to the board. That board decodes the …
  V3 - One Maker Band, la batteria indossabile

Alvaro Passeri
It 'a monkey who wields a diatonic accordion, and opens and closes it, with his fingers sounds as if it were an experienced musician, while his face changes exp …

Development of an integrate security system for drones. Last year, in this occasion, we presented a prototype of Arducluster and this year we would like to pres …
  V6 - Arpa laser e sistema integrato di sicurezza per droni

Nicolas Toussaint
SoundForce Controllers designs boutique music production hardware. The company’s mission is to develop beautiful tools with both unique functionality and …
  V7 - SoundForce MIDI controllers

Lucio Gonzalez, Ignasio Gonzalez
Vinbox Developments makes open source string instruments up cycling materials, using digital fabrication tools and well as traditional tools and technics, we de …
  V21 - VinBox Developments makes home made string instruments.

Giovanni Marelli
We create a fusion between ethnical and classical musical instruments making use of multimedia device to reintepret and amplify the sound. We present modular vi …
  V22 - viudì, liuteria multimediale

The project born out with the aim of bringing the technology to everyone, where the education is one of the fundamental pillars. By means of a element that know …
  V24 - We make the music
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