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PaLEoS snc - Dr. Stefano Dominici
PaLEoS in collaboration with Geology and Paleontology Division of the Natural History Museum of Florence, proposes a project about scanning and 3D printing tech …

Antonio Gelfusa
It is a device that, in case of obstruction of the grid of the manhole, allows it to open up, automatically, to allow water into the sewer system. The invention …

Paolo Bonelli, Domenico Cardinale, Mauro Alfieri, gruppo FB: CoScienza Ambientale
Co-Scienza Ambientale has the purpose to design and build low cost instruments that can monitor water environment and alert to pollution events. Two instrume …
  Z8 - Co-Scienza Ambientale: strumenti per il monitoraggio degli ambienti acquatici

Pier Calderan
Drone equipped with propellers for underwater navigation. Equipped with camera can also be controlled from the surface. Can make beautiful underwater videoclips …
  Z3 - Drone robot subacqueo (aquabot)

Paper8 Sailing Team
OARS We like to underline how Paper8 is an excellent row boat, her light weight and flat bottom allow her to gently glide on the water. This trait, extremely ra …
  Z4 - Nautica sostenibile - Paper8: la barca pieghevole a propulsione ibrida

Jaron Lee Jia Wen, Stevanus Satria, Samantha Chan
Forested terrains and mudflats surrounded by water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and swamps are difficult to maneuver around, especially for man-made automation …
  Z9 - Singapore University of Technology and Design

Mohammed Uthman Farah
It is portable electronic device to check the quality and type of Milk, Edible Oil and Honey with in few seconds using spectroscopy properties of the material, …

giuseppe de lorenzo
Water is a very precious resource !!! Its use could be limited in a campsites or in a beach resort. Often the shower can be used in an irrational way wasting t …

FP7 SUNRISE. Project coordinator: Prof. Chiara Petrioli
Creating the ‘Internet of Underwater Things’ is a crucial challenge that is strategic to the future of humanity. Thanks to the international projec …
  Z7 - SUNRISE: L'alba dell'Internet sottomarina

Saji Hameed, Eugenio Realini, Shinya Ishida
Water vapour in the atmosphere slows down Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals. This observation has been used to infer precipitable water vapor (P …
  I5 - Tracking clouds and rain with low cost GPS chips

Andrea Petroni
With the recent advances in technology, the interest about underwater communications has hugely increased. The main activities that can be performed in the unde …
  Z2 - Underwater Acoustic Communications

Giuseppe Pesce e Chato Della Casa
The need for this alternative sampling system rose from the necessity to be able to capture water samples from superficial bodies of water that would be difficu …
  S4 - Wa.Sa.Dro. – Water Sampling Drone
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