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Fabrication & Electronics

Thanks to the widespread use of open-source software, the maker movement has come to life, enabling the development of innovative technologies that would otherwise not be available on the market. Two iconic examples of this revolution are the Arduino platform and 3D printing.

From Open Source Hardware (OSHW) to Open Design, the paradigm of collaboration and knowledge sharing has always been one of the fundamental elements of the maker movement.

There are many projects present at Maker Faire: Arduino, with its founder Massimo Banzi, will present an entire Village; Raspberry PI and Melopero will guide the audience into the world of microcomputers and technological creativity. These are technical and prototyping platforms designed to encourage innovation and invention, providing new stimuli for local entrepreneurship.

There will also be major international electronics players, such as Arrow Electronics, Digi-Key and Mouser, to tell the public about the innovations of the future.

Fablabs have always played a prominent role at Maker Faire. They are research and digital fabrication laboratories, technical platforms, and prototyping spaces designed to foster innovation and invention, providing new inspiration for local entrepreneurship. They serve as meeting places for ideas and projects.

This year, Maker Faire is creating a dedicated space for fablabs—a place where they can showcase their realities. They have the opportunity to reproduce their laboratories, bringing along their own machinery and a few examples of finished or ongoing projects.

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