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From green to new technologies to astronomy! Here are some of the attractions presented at Maker Faire 2019

Discover some examples of the fascinating attractions that can be found in the numerous and diverse pavilions at Maker Faire 2019



The discoveries in the technological or scientific field are endowed with an extraordinary fascination, but in most cases, it is necessary to make a significant use of imagination to understand how they function! This is especially true, above all for the non-experts, because the possibility is quite remote of seeing and touching with one’s own hand prototypes or even following closely the development phases of a new idea.


For this reason, events like the Maker Faire are an excellent opportunity to feast on a smorgasbord of innovative ideas and projects! At the Maker Faire 2019 edition, visitors will be able to see a large number of activities and attractions, suitable for all ages and levels of knowledge. Here below are some examples.


Photo: Pixabay



At the Maker Faire, specifically in Pavilion 3, it will be possible to learn about an ambitious eco-compatible pest control project born from the collaboration between ENEA and the start-up Biovecblok at the University of Camerino. The target is the tiger mosquito, responsible for the transmission of many diseases. To control infestations,  male tiger mosquitoes have been created that are able to sterilize the female tiger mosquitoes when they mate with them.




Also in Pavilion 3, you will be able to discover the Container MIG (Military Innovative Greenhouse) project, funded by the Italian Ministry of Defense – General Secretariat of Defense and National Armaments Directorate, by G&A Engineering, and with the participation of ENEA. This is the creation, within a standard ISO20 shipping container, of a farm for the production of plant foods. Based on hydroponics (without soil) and illuminated with LEDs, the container can be supportive in areas that are extremely hostile to cultivation or that have been affected by natural disasters.


(foto: NASA/Wikimedia Commons)
Photo: NASA/Wikimedia Commons


A decidedly less “earthy” project, but equally fascinating, is the atmosphere to be found in Pavilion 7, where the Apollo mission will be recalled and celebrated with different interactive experiences. Inside the area, there will also be on display a sample of moon rock made available by NASA.


Robocup - Mondiale di calcio robotico
Robocup – Mondiale di calcio robotico

And there is still more to come! In fact, at Maker Faire, you can have a ton of fun at SportTech, in Pavilion 6. This is the area where technology meets sport and in which it will also be possible to put oneself to the test in various sports in practice areas with specific features set up for the occasion.


L’installazione Hysterical Machine di Bill Vorn 
Bill Vorn’s Hysterical Machine installation at MakerArt


In addition, as far as art is concerned, there will also be ample spaces dedicated to art! As a matter of fact, an entire section called MarkerArt in which the forms of artistic expression make use of the help of technology to maximize their communicative power. In addition, the Roman artist Lucamaleonte will create in real-time two graffiti, using Airlite paint, which thanks to solar activation is able to clean up and reduce pollution in the surrounding air, by capturing smog and decreasing the number of harmful bacteria.

Do not miss the opportunity to dive into a full immersion innovative technology experience at Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019: you will meet independent makers from all over the world, research institutes among the most avant-garde, and an endless array of ideas and projects — All just waiting to be discovered! We look forward to seeing you from 18 to 20 October at the Fiera di Roma.