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The aperitif of the summer is red, Healthy and zero-waste!

In october Maker Faire Rome returns –  the event which is seen as the focal point for innovative ideas and projects, varying from the most diverse fields, including the digital world, gardening and food. This year sees a renewed collaboration with the Future Food Institute, which once again doesn’t fail to excite us with new projects. They’re ready with a host of fabulous recipes that have been created within its production and innovation hubs.

What we present today is just one of these innovations: a healthy aperitif using juicy red beetroots as its main ingredient. The colourful non-alcoholic summer cocktail is accompanied by a tasty mini-burger made of beetroot, ideal for vegans and vegetarians!

Red beetroot is rich in protein, vitamins and has a good dose of minerals too. It is also known to be an excellent antioxidant that can benefit the microcirculation of the blood. This root vegetable, thanks to its nutritive properties and its red colour, is proving more and more popular within superfood recipes.

We decided to feature it because it’s a more versatile ingredient than you might think! It’s the undisputed protagonist of this Future Food Institute recipe which was created in its production hub – the Scuderia FF Urban CooLab, situated in the heart of Bologna. The Scuderia has become the reference point for issues related to food innovation and environmental sustainability.

This bright red ingredient has been combined with ginger beer and blackberry shrub (a fermented balsamic vinegar) to create a fantastic and tasty non-alcoholic summer cocktail! Starting from the belief that the fight against food waste can start with small gestures, nothing of the beetroot is thrown away. In fact, after obtaining the necessary juice for the cocktail, the remaining fibers can be used to accompany our non-alcoholic drink with a delicious vegetable mini-burger. Beetroot fiber, combined with miso probiotic powder and breadcrumbs, are the ideal ingredients for a tasty and crunchy homemade superfood!

Plus all the ingredients used in this recipe are easily available! You can find the red beetroot in any well-stocked fruit and vegetable market, the probiotic miso can be bought in our hub in the Scuderia, while the blackberry vinegar and the ginger beer in any normal supermarket.

If you fancy making this colourful aperitif for yourself, here are is the list of ingredients and the method below! Enjoy making!


15% Beetroot juice

5% Shrub of blackberries

80% Ginger Beer



Put ice and the pure beetroot juice in a glass. Then add the blackberry shrub and the ginger beer. Stir everything with a teaspoon and decorate with a few leaves of basil or fresh mint.


100 g of beetroot fiber

10 g miso powder

60% breadcrumbs

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them until you get a homogeneous mixture. If the dough is very moist due to the beetroot fiber, add a little grated bread. Then work the dough until the desired shape is obtained. Grill the burgers for approximately two minutes until the surface is crisp. Serve with pickles and salad.

Have a great summer and enjoy your aperitif; looking forward to seeing you at Maker Faire Rome!