As we emerge from this pandemic, how to travel sustainably will become a priority for many

In Singapore, this hotel is driving the sustainability agenda forward


Singapore is continuing its strategy of creating a garden in a city through developing lush environments and clean spaces allowing residents to experience a more pleasant life. Which is one of the reasons that, back in 2016, it was declared ‘the Greenest City in Asia’ and a global leader in sustainability (although, as always, work still needs to be done). Nowadays, it is still leading that ranking.

But it goes without saying that many establishments in the country are notable for their sustainable efforts: breweries (for recycling bottles), restaurants (for growing their ingredients), grocery stores (for reducing the use of plastic bags) and much more.

But if an outsider wants to see these green drives up close, you only need to look towards the city’s sustainable hotels. These places are great examples of the city’s green strategy for many innovative reasons. Here is one of the best sustainable hotels in Singapore that are leading the pack with green initiatives woven into their DNA.


ParkRoyal Pickering Hotel

One glance is all it takes to understand why the PARKROYAL on Pickering has secured the coveted title of ‘Asia’s Leading Green Hotel’ five years on the trot. Its hotel-in-a-garden concept is instantly noticeable through its open exterior areas brimming with lush foliage and mini-waterfalls. Even the guestroom corridors are reminiscent of beautiful garden spaces.

Aside from its abundance of greenery, the hotel also adheres to eco-friendly practices, including using photo sensors to monitor light levels and minimising water usage by harvesting rain. The building itself was designed with sustainability in mind. Glass windows reduce the need for indoor lights.


ParkRoyal Pickering Hotel

At the same time, an above-ground car park eliminates the need for excavation and extensive mechanical ventilation. And they have removed all single-use plastic from their public areas and meeting spaces. It’s no wonder Green is the New Black once chose it as the venue for its Conscious Festival. Latest developments include the launch of a plant-based menu in its signature restaurant, Lime.


photo: ParkRoyal Pickering Hotel

Other sustainable features

Parkroyal Collection Pickering harvests rainwater and uses new water to irrigate their gardens, resulting in a self-sustaining exterior landscape.

This is also the first sky-garden in Singapore fully powered by solar energy. The solar energy powers the night lighting and grow lamps which stimulate the growth of the plants in the gardens.

Furthermore, the hotel is built using green construction system in which hollow spherical void formers (a type of structure used in constructing a building’s foundation) made of recycled plastics were placed within concrete slabs to reduce the use of concrete.


sources: Mothership I Singapore Tourism Board


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