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An ambitious project for the democratization of the Healthcare world

Health Making promotes the development of do- it-yourself devices from doctors, nurses and patients.

Healthcare and personal care are two themes that have accompanied Maker Faire Rome since the first edition, inspiring dedicated contests such as Make to Care, the competition that seeks and rewards innovative solutions that can improve the lives of people with disabilities, serious and chronic diseases, or people who suffered traumatic events that changed the quality of their lives.

Healthcare sectors grow and evolve constantly and day by day they drive the discovery of new technologies, products and services that can improve the future of millions of people. This development, however, is accompanied by increasing complexity with regard to the costs and roles of those involved and faces important bureaucratic issues and long decision-making processes.

And it is from these critical issues that Health Making is born: an ambitious project that intends to democratize the world of Healthcare. Promoted by MakerHealth, a Wisconsin company specializing in deep tech solutions in the field of health, the project will be present in October at Maker Faire Rome 2022.



The idea behind the project came when the founders Anna Young and Jose Gomez-Marquez, realized the existence of a world of silent Makers, made of nurses, doctors and patients with great abilities and, above all, a great strength of will. Real Makers able to design “do it yourself” devices, which can be used concretely in healthcare and can offer real solutions to the needs of patients.

With this new awareness, MakerHealth started to design and install in different hospitals –  at first in America and then worldwide – Medical Maker Spaces: places to accelerate the manufacture of medical devices and technologies. Equipped with facilities, tools, materials and competent staff, these spaces have everything needed to allow silent makers to build and develop their own prototypes.



Over the years MakerHealth has trained more than 800 healthcare professionals, now at the forefront in prototyping and designing new healthcare devices, which had a positive impact on several aspects: patient independence, workflow, health education and more.

In the last 15 years MakerHealth has been trying to create a stronger connection between the world of makers and the world of health. With the Health Making project, the company is also promoting a movement that combines open design and rapid prototyping, and firmly believes in a world where everyone can become a Medical Maker, giving to those who believe in this project the support and the push to succeed.



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From October 7 to 9 come and visit Maker Faire Rome at Gazometro Ostiense. Info and tickets: