Pure taste. Pure conscience. In a Kettle.

Heatle promise to be just the right kettle-solution for the environment


Technology is there to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Most of your home’s technology is in the kitchen – it’s where we spend a lot of our time cooking, eating and socializing with family and friends. At the same time, it’s where least of tech innovation happens. Our electric kettle hasn’t changed much in 65 years, for example.

For a sustainable future

Heatle is the world’s first smart liquid heater which simply heats water, milk or other liquids right in your cup or any vessel to the desired temperature.

Powered by proprietary, pioneering technology made in Germany, Heatle changes the way we heat liquids for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Heatle is designed to tackle the massive energy waste of kettles and other appliances for liquid heating, as well as the unrecyclable e-waste they become.


As a tea lover and father of two children, I analysed the way we heat liquids every day, in every kitchen,  all over the world – and I realised how many resources are being wasted in the process. It is time for a sustainable alternative. [David Riding, co-founder]

Let’s stop wasting water and energy

Kettles. Microwave ovens. Baby bottle warmers. Sous vide sticks. Egg cookers.

We overfill kettles and other appliance every day, wasting water and energy. Kettles are loud, calcified, too heavy for the elderly and disabled and waste up to 60% energy on single servings.

Induction cooktops are efficient, but are not designed to heat liquids easily and to a certain temperature. You still have to clean the burned milk from the pots.

Immersion heaters are efficient by design, but there are safety issues, no proper °C measurement and they only heat water.

Microwave oven can be used for liquids, but… how many seconds and watts do you need to get 37°C warm baby milk? For single cups it’s the most inefficient device.

The list goes on. These electrical devices are cheap, very limited in their application and 85% never get recycled – they end up in the landfill.


Heatle: the big idea that combines induction and immersion

The idea to combine induction and immersion was initially proposed by a German industry giant in a patent from 1997. Since then, many have tried to bring it to life – from startups like Miito to massive corporations like Groupe SEB. The concept sounds simple, but is incredibly tricky to realise.

The Heatle disc area is 16x smaller than a standard 16cm pot. Focusing up to 2kW of power into such a tiny object is key to making the device convenient and efficient. Heatle is patent-pending: Heatle applied for 3 world patents for technologies.


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