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3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers lets Kate Reed’s biomimetic designs come to life


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Kate Reed ( is somewhat of a sorceress, weaving technology and nature together into stunning apparel-based creations. From wearable vertebrae to fungus-infused fanciness, she even works some modern computing into her spells. 


Reed’s pieces are outstanding displays both in the final result, and in their creation. “Once I understand the logic of how things grow in the natural world, I can translate that to computational space through CAD design tools like SOLIDWORKS, xShape, and xDesign.”


Vertabrae digital


Reed says that the inspiration for her work comes from the biological and technological world around us. Her vertebrae project, currently underway, exemplifies that: “Each vertebrae has a different electronic componentbe it a heart rate sensor, or a speaker, or a gyroscope, and throughout the day the wearer can switch out vertebrae modules to make a hyper-customized wearable.”


Anyone that’s ever tried creating organic or biomimetic shapes by hand likely has a good idea of how quickly the task can become overwhelming. Reed has found the solution for her needs in her software. “As an artist, my dreams outgrew the physical capabilities of my body very quickly, so I turned to technology to help close the gap,” she says. “I started working with CAD tools and my mindset shifted from designing products to designing processes, which completely changed my perspective.” 


I found a balance in my practice between craft and computation that allows me to create out-of-this-world designs, which is all happening on the 3DEXPERIENCEplatform.”


Vertabrae printed


 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers is now available for anyone doing personal, non-commercial projects. You’ll get the same intuitive cloud-connected CAD modeling tools that the professionals use, along with:

  • Fully online design solutions you can access from any web browser — no download required
  • An online community that lets you connect with worldwide makers from fab labs, makerspaces, and influencers, all ready to share their designs, ideas, and expertise (log in required)
  • Access to an expanded professional ecosystem to rapid prototype your parts, or receive engineering services via the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace
  • Support to help you get the most out of 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers (log in required)


3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers is now offering Maker Faire Rome attendees 20% off! Get your discount now!



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