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Vacuum cleaners are expensive, and are not that complicated. Find out here how you can make one out of a plastic bottle!


Vacuum cleaner technology is simple: create a low-pressure system that forces (not sucks, because sucking does not exist- but that is for another time) air into a tube where dust and small debris can be picked up and stored. In essence, a fan connected to a tube.

If the technology has not changed that much, how come they are so expensive? A YouTuber has devised a genius plan on how to build your own vacuum cleaner out of a plastic bottle and a few other simple parts, check out his video below:



Instructables has a slightly different design but they are both essentially the same. The following is a brief outline of the procedure for building one of these for yourself!


What do you need to make your own vacuum cleaner?

Like any DIY project, it is best to start with a list of components. These ones are common for any household so you probably won’t have to search for too long in order to find them.



Dirt storage compartment is the most important part of vacuum cleaners so its best we start with it. So obviously, an empty plastic bottle (keep the cap) would be great for the beginning. Try to get a small plastic bottle too, something like a small vaseline container would be grand (make sure it’s empty). Some sharp cutting tools would be great too, scissors are great but a Stanley knife would also do. You’ll also need to get your hands on a deodorant bottle, first aid cloth and a 12v DC motor and a ballpoint pen refill. You’ll also want to gather together a glue gun and a small bending pipe for the nozzle.

Grab a hammer, drill, hacksaw, and nail whilst you’re at it! You may want to collect some other materials to “beautify” the final product but that’s not essential. Some marker pens will also be useful, so grab some of those bad boys. Oh, and a metal ruler will be invaluable. A soldering rod or heated needle or electric drill will also be needed later on.

Have fun making!




source: Interesting Engineering

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