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Innova Flanders: the opportunuty to broaden your innovation vision

The European debut of the Innova FLANDERS conference, with pure focus on innovation

More than 50 innovation experts inspire organizations with exceptional insights. In Belgium soon.


Innova Flanders, the first European edition of Innova, will take place in Ghent, Belgium on 15, 16 and 17 June 2022. After previous editions in the United States and Colombia, European innovation enthusiasts can now also be inspired and trained extensively by top global experts in the subject.

Organizer Don Keleman of IXL Center Belgium: “Organizations want and need to innovate but how they go about it is still a question mark for many. During Innova Flanders 2022, we want to inspire all participants and let various (inter)national innovation experts reveal their approach in the race towards strategic growth. So it’s really about results, and only about innovation”


A unique program

With a choice of more than 50 top speakers, participants can compose their own personal program according to their industry or interests. Many of these experts will be seen for the first time in Europe. This is no coincidence, as Innova Flanders takes pride in ensuring that the entire three-day conference is permeated with innovation and insights that participants have never heard of before.

With keynote speakers from companies such as Verizon, AB InBev, NASA, Trendwolves, IBM and Vito, Innova Flanders frame innovation both globally and locally across 6 central topics: digital transformation, sustainability, employment in the 21st century, robotics, healthcare and education,

During the break-out sessions, participants will go deeper into 4 themes, each time from different angles and industries: social innovation, ecosystem innovation, open innovation & innovation management

Become part of a local, national and global ecosystem

Innova Flanders’ mission is to ‘Make Innovation Real’ and one of the ways they do this is with a Training Day where the actual challenges of the participants are addressed and companies are monitored for 6 months.

This internationally acclaimed innovation training is unique in Europe and is offered at a fraction of the price in combination with the Innova Flanders conference.

Top reasons to attend Innova Flanders

  1. Innova Flanders is unique in Europe in being the only congress that focuses purely on innovation (and nothing but innovation) after previous editions in the USA and Colombia
  2. The Training Day will tackle the innovation challenges participants face in a hands-on way, for a once-in-a-lifetime rate and as part of their long-term development & strategy
  3. Over 50 speakers (from Verizon, AB InBev, Trendwolves, IBM, MedTeG, just to mention a few) to inspire with brand new insights you haven’t heard anywhere else
  4. Chance to customize the personal program with the break-out sessions that offer the added value participants need
  5. The opportunity to become part of a local, national and global ecosystem
  6. Innova Flanders is the first event on innovation in Europe with such a diverse offer of expert speakers to share their wisdom
  7. Unprecedented networking opportunities with the global top in innovation
  8. The exclusive chance to visit behind the scenes at the most innovative organizations in Belgium and get a first-hand look at how innovation becomes reality
Ghent I ph: city of Ghent 

Innovation to build a destination: the deliberate choice for Ghent

The city of Ghent was chosen as a location for good reason. Perhaps small in size but with great investment potential, the capital of East Flanders is a unique combination of an eclectic community, complex synergy, innovation and expertise. Its forward-thinking policies and widespread network developing tomorrow’s transformative technologies make it the ideal home for Innova Flanders 2022.

Information on participation can be found on the Conference website

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