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Innovation of materials at Maker Faire Rome 2022

several innovations in the field of Materials

Innovative materials, solutions able to bring material testing out of laboratories and systems capable of making solid waste biodegradable. These are just some of the innovation in the materials field that you can discover at Maker Fare Rome 2022


Continuous research in the materials field and new technologies available lead every day to discover new possible solutions that are increasingly efficient and sustainable, applicable to architecture and design sector.

We present a preview of the most interesting projects in the field of innovative materials that you can see at Maker Faire Rome 2022.



An organic brick made using nettle fibers and lime, with the addition of extracts of other plants such as agaves and brooms. It is a totally ecological brick with zero impact on the environment because, in case of demolition of the structure, its disposal does not involve any damage to the surrounding environment.

The bio-brick can be used not only as a infill material, but also for the construction of partition walls, simultaneously performing the function of a brick and acting as an insulating material. The choice of bio-bricks is successful for ethical reasons but especially for technical reasons, because it is an excellent thermal acoustic insulation and ensures good breathability.




The photo disruptor that makes waste inert and biodegradable

As we all know, the problem of waste is a very topical one. Waste generates pollution, especially if it is not biodegradable, and represents a considerable cost because it involves human and economic resources for its treatment and to remedy the environmental and health damages it produces.

To answer these problems, the maker Raffaella Sauro invented a special photo-disrupter and shredder for the inertization of waste.

The aim of the project is to decompose solid waste, particularly plastics. The photo-disruptor is in fact able to amplify the effect of disintegration that also occurs in nature by means of atmospheric agents, such as mechanical, thermal, chemical and solar radiation, making the waste inert and biodegradable.



Wolfwall is a special eco-sustainable and heat-insulating material derived from dog fibers, usable in the construction industry and in product design.

Twice a year dogs molt and produce, only in Italy, over 115 million kilos of fiber that could be exploited in a productive way, but remains unused. The Wolfwall project allows to give new life to a wasted resource, promoting a correct eco-sustainable upcycle approach.

The analyses carried out showed that the felt produced is hypoallergenic and has high-performance thermal insulation and sound absorption properties.



MaCh3D is a project that takes Material Testing out of laboratories and directly into production departments, office desks or school desks, thanks to a compact equipment and a simple, fast, safe and accurate procedure.

It is a platform consisting of: a small, user-safe and versatile test hardware; a simple and fast test procedure that reduces test errors, and a Cloud/IoT platform for programming and testing, to which are added the possibilities to store and re-process the experimental data.

MaCh3D interfaces with production machines by associating mechanical data with process parameters, enabling on-line monitoring of mechanical properties and the optimization of materials and production processes.



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