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Innovation, tech, creativity: ARTS projects of Maker Faire Rome 2021

From the mini Jungle Band (an orchestra of robotic animals that play with a MIDI music score) to the Round Factory, a special illusory perspective machine: a selection of the 20 projects selected for the ARTS section of Maker Faire Rome 2021


If you are passionate about innovation, art and technology, Maker Faire Rome 2021 is the event for you. HERE all the info to buy tickets and participate


The mini Jungle Band

The mini Jungle Band, is a four-piece mini orchestra of robotic animals, playing with the musical score in MIDI format. The project was developed by Alvaro Passeri, creator of special effects and animatronics in Italian cinema between 1972 and 2004. 

Paper automata

From a sheet of paper to a marvellous machine: the fabulous world of paper automata. Bringing it to Maker Faire Rome 2021, at the Gazometro, is Giuseppe Civitarese (Pino), from Visintini, Italy. I am an oceanographer,” he said, “and in my second life I am a builder and designer of paper models. My passion for paper modelling started in 2000, when I decided to build a paper castle for my grandson Matteo. After that, Matteo never built any paper models. On the other hand, I have never abandoned this hobby since then. My specific interest is the design of paper automata, and terrestrial and celestial globes from digital replicas of ancient maps”.

No one is an island

No one is an island is a sound installation that stems from the need to reflect on and combat the isolation and emotional disconnection we experience today due to the health emergency. In which each individual is divided and separated while remaining transparent, always visible, never graspable. Its author, Riccardo Tesorini, lives and works in Perugia. His works range in many directions, from soundtracks to sound design, to activities as a musician with his electro-acoustic project “Eezu”, to the creation of sound installations and sound art. Always fascinated by the combination of music and images, he began his artistic career in this direction, his research moves between the different forms of sound space-time, stylistically marked by an introspective vision, assisted by a tireless inspiration towards nature, as an essential condition for harmony. 


Ammilab is a workshop of the Associazione Italiana di Musica Meccanica (AMMI): its mission is to develop solutions to revive early music and make mechanical musical instruments play. At MFR 2021, the association will bring a project with three automatic musicians: a bassist, a drummer and a glockenspiel player!  Real instruments played automatically. The bass is held by a figure called ‘Ray’. He can turn his head up and down and change the colour of his eyes.  The ‘Rays’ will play together with other mechanical musical instruments.

Perspective Coincidences

The Round Factory is a special illusory perspective machine: an illusory linear perspective in which the image is projected onto several picture planes, resulting in several images that are painted on the so-called wooden canvases to simulate the three-dimensional object. The project is by Michela Ceracchi, a doctoral student in the XXXVI cycle in History, Design and Restoration of Architecture at the Sapienza University of Rome. 

Destructured Piano

Destructured Piano is an assembly of independent keys (free keys). Each key produces a sound that can be played and programmed independently. It is a musical instrument decomposed into its essential parts: the keys.  Each key becomes a complete electronic musical instrument that can be programmed and played independently of all the others. The player of the Destructured Piano will be able to compose his keyboard as he likes, creating a personalised assemblage of sounds and shapes. The project is curated by Daniele Leandri, Giuseppe Torino and Beppe Pennesi.



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