Kate Norton, the american influencer become famous teaching Excel on Tik Tok


It all started as a hobby, but teaching Excel in a fun way became a real job for Kate, earning her the title of “Miss Excel”


We all know that the influencer has become a real profession. More and more companies and brands turn to this figure to promote products and services, for the ability and immediacy with which digital creators can address their audience, ensuring great visibility to a simple place, reel or Tik Tok.

Every influencer specializes in a specific area. We could think that they are mainly active in the fashion, travel and cooking sectors. But even the seemingly less appealing topics surprisingly find great following among tens of thousands of fans. Even when we talk about a work program like Microsoft Excel.


credits: Mika Baumeister via Unsplash 

We all had to deal with Excel at least once in our life: boxes, numbers, formulas, rules, pivot tables… a very useful software but not very fun or intuitive to use. Kate Norton, a 27-year-old girls from Arizona, has managed to find a smart and fun way to teach how to use the well-known Microsoft software through short videos on Tik Tok.

Started as a hobby, creating content on Tik Tok then became a real job for Kate, allowing her to earn significant sums in a few months. An unexpected twist since Kate has always been rather shy and reserved and did not like to speak in public.

Kate started to develop an Excel course in her free time and from there, thanks to the consulting firm where she worked, she started to travel around the United States taking training courses.   But the decisive turning point came in 2020 when, due to the pandemic, Kate was locked in her house with a lot of time available so, thanks to the advice of a friend, she started publishing her video-lessons on Tik Tok.


credits: Esa Riutta via Pixabay

Tik Tok is the social network that allows the creation of short videos, with a simple but original editing, with the possibility of interaction through likes, comments and shares. In the last two years, thanks also to the ongoing lockdowns, it has experienced exponential growth among young and old.

The success of Kate on this platform was not long in coming: with 860.000 followers and almost 2 million likes, Miss Excel is among the most followed and loved infleuncers of Tik Tok. Over the months, Kate’s videos have become more and more viral until arriving at Google attention, which turned to her for the realization of educational videos for Google Workspace products.

Kate then decided to start her own consulting business and was also awarded by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professional, a recognition that is given to those people who provide their knowledge and experience to the IT community.


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