Make Your Mornings Explosive With a Defusable Alarm Clock

Don’t be late anymore! Make the most of your mornings


Like us, there are many who have difficulty to awake early in the morning. If so then, here is a scary tactic to take you out of the bed.

Let us tell you how to make a defusable bomb alarm clock so that you have to defuse explosive bomb alarm clock every morning. It will give an alarm at the specified time and you will have only 10 seconds to cut or disconnect the proper wire or it will explode.

Don’t worry: there would not be any blast but it will only blink the LEDs to simulate the explosion.

Let us introduce you to a couple of projects.


Explosive alarm clock

Inspired by the iconic look of time bombs in old movies, software engineer Michael Krumpus set out to build an explosive alarm clock that would make his mornings more action-packed.

When the alarm goes off in defuse mode, the clock starts a countdown; the correct wire, which is randomly assigned each day, has to be cut or pulled out to stop the detonation, or the clock will “explode” with noise and flashing LEDs.

Krumpus says he noticed hundreds of hits from Homeland Security personnel on his website, but the clock is completely harmless. It’s now available as a kit for tinkerers who have trouble waking up.

Explosive alarm clock by Michael Krumpus
Explosive alarm clock by Michael Krumpus

Trip-wire alarm

As an alternative, you might want to consider emulating another great DIY-engineering project: a trip-wire alarm devised by the YouTuber “MrGear”. His guide video takes you through the process step by step.

Using little more than an AA battery, a clothes peg, a tripwire, and some other components, this trip-wire alarm could have many fantastic applications. Ideal for keeping your campsite secure from roaming Yautja (Predators), this simple homemade engineering project is fun for all the family.


The alarm sounds when a circuit is completed as the string is pulled loose from the peg. But it’s not just any alarm, the tripwire ignites a flammable substance to really give the intruder the message!


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