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Maker Faire Rome 2021, starring projects | Cubbit

Cubbit is a startup born in 2016 from the intuition of four university students, CTO Marco Moschettini, Stefano Onofri and Alessandro Cillario, both co-CEOs, and Lorenzo Posani, PhD, which aims to become the world’s leading provider of distributed cloud services, guaranteeing the highest level of privacy by design, and without making use of expensive and polluting data centres.  The project was among the protagonists at Maker Faire Rome 2021. We asked Stefano Onofri a few questions about the company, how it was born and how it will develop. Here’s what he told us.

Cubbit - the 1st datacenter-less distributed cloud

Stefano, what’s Cubbit?

«With Cubbit we aim to create a cloud ‘made for the users, by the users’ where privacy and eco-sustainability are by-design and the costs of traditional cloud and blockchain are just a distant memory. Cubbit is the first distributed cloud in Europe: its zero-knowledge technology protects your privacy 100%, while saving 40kg of CO2 per TB saved. The cost of its distributed p2p infrastructure is up to 10x lower than that of a traditional data centre, allowing it to offer the most competitive prices on the market. The distributed architecture is based on a p2p network of Cubbit Cells (called the ‘Swarm’), where user-powered, interconnected physical devices form the replacement for traditional data centres».


What maker are you and the Cubbit team?

«We are makers who dream big: we want to do everything now! Supported by users in love with the idea, we plan to expand the Cubbit Swarm worldwide. The very first version of our product ran on Raspberry Pi. Maker Faire Rome allowed us to test and evolve it».


Why did you decide to bring your project to Maker Faire Rome?

«Maker Faire Rome is the biggest event on innovation and one of the best platforms for makers. An ecosystem where creativity and the desire to make the world a better place through technology come together. Cubbit has been participating in Maker Faire Rome since the very beginning, and for us this was the “baptism” of our project, an opportunity to meet the first early adopters of our technology».


What convinced you about Maker Faire Rome 2021 in its hybrid version (online and in-person)?

«Maker Faire Rome doesn’t give up in the face of anything. Not even in the face of a historical tragedy like the pandemic that we have experienced and are still experiencing. The desire to restart is great, and the guys at Maker Faire Rome have done a great job in doing so, even in digital format».


Would you prefer to attend next year’s fair remotely or in person?

«The guys at Maker Faire Rome were great at managing the event in digital format. Nevertheless, being there is an added value: both in terms of community and for the social adrenaline transmitted».



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