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Maker Faire Rome 2021, starring projects | Drones

The drone market is set for strong growth in the coming years and is attracting more and more investors. In fact, not only large manufacturers have decided to invest in this sector. There are many start-ups or new companies that see this business as an important starting point. In particular, one of the fastest growing sectors is that of drones for agriculture. According to an analysis by Fortune Business Insights, the size of the agricultural drone market will grow from $1.02 billion in 2019 to $3.70 billion by 2027. Despite the leadership of a few global manufacturers, there are many newcomers to this world. Among the projects presented at Maker Faire Rome 2021 are Spy Drone and Sniffer.



The present invention consists in the use of a drone to carry out the surveys of water pollutants through 3 phases:
1. Detection of the temperature of water and surface gases, with an infrared camera and gasfinder
2. Chemical analysis of water “in flight”, by a toxic gas sensor such as VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds, NH3, H2S, which are exhaled from the surface of the water.
3. Taking the water sample, for laboratory checks.
With the use of the drone it is possible, to get the real-time measurements of polution of large basins such as rivers, lakes or sea.

spy drone



This drone device can recognize thermal images from people or organic waste at night. It can send the image to the remote location via Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, thanks to other sensors, it can recognize the presence of hazardous waste gas emissions.



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