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Maker Faire Rome 2021, starring projects | Multiecosac

Multiecosac is a startup that develops products for household waste collection. These include Cinghiotto and Arlecchino, which aim to make household and communal waste collection simpler, more organised, efficient and environmentally friendly.

What is Cinghiotto

Recycling waste with several buckets is inconvenient, cumbersome and often uneconomical. This discourages people from separating their waste properly, leading them to use their rubbish bins as the main container. In a simple and innovative way, Cinghiotto allows you to use a single container and divide it according to your needs. In a simple and innovative way, Cinghiotto allows you to use a single container and divide it up according to your needs. In a practical and economical way, it reduces clutter and simplifies separate collection even in narrow and difficult spaces.

Compact and contained. Waste containers are bulky and uncomfortable, they are not pleasing to the eye and transporting them can be impossible in certain circumstances. This often discourages their purchase and creates problems of functionality, as they may be installed in inconvenient places or far from where they should actually be used. This is even more the case when there is more than one container, as is the case with waste separation. In an innovative way, the container with its modularity designed to allow a low industrial cost, allows it to be compact and contained in a convenient bag during sale and transport, and once assembled in a few steps it also has a pleasant and colourful appearance.

It is also optimised for the Cinghiotto accessory, which transforms it into a convenient container for separate waste collection, with the possibility of fitting its handy reusable and machine-washable coloured bags.

Alessandro Luzi, founder and CEO of the company, was at Maker Faire Rome 2021. Alessandro participated online in the three days of the fair. He tells us about his experience here.



Alessandro, how did the idea for Multiecosac come about?

«In recent years, I have become increasingly interested in environmental dynamics and in the problems linked to the need to combine sustainable development without giving up the comforts of our lifestyle. At first glance, the two aspects would seem difficult to reconcile, since convenience, such as disposable consumer products, creates waste that is difficult to recycle, polluting the environment and contributing to worsening climate change, but I think that combining these two aspects is by no means impossible. To do this, however, we need to start with small everyday gestures to improve our habits and make them eco-sustainable. This is why, having also inherited good manual skills from my father, I have dedicated myself to finding practical and innovative solutions to achieve this goal».


Simple solutions for complex problems

By submitting «two industrial patent applications and setting up an innovative startup – explained Alessandro Luzi – I tried to put some of my ideas into practice, trying to find simple and feasible solutions to problems that are certainly very complex. The search for partners or funding to develop the industrial part and get it onto the market will be the most complicated part of the project, but challenges are the bread and butter of life, and I trust that initiatives like Maker Faire will help achieve these development goals».

Maker Faire Rome 2021 – Alessandro Luzi

What kind of maker are you?

«I think that everyone is a maker because creativity is inherent in the human being, it is up to each of us to channel it, you can write a book, build a machine, create a family or try to do all these things together, but we were born to create and to innovate and our evolution is proof of this. Personally, I have a strong imagination that always leads me to think beyond what I see in front of me, to simplify an action or a process by making it easier to execute. For me, this is what being a maker is all about, every moment can be the right one to have an idea or an intuition on which to build a concrete and scalable project, the problem is then to share it in order to verify it and have the means to try and realise it».

Maker Faire Rome 2021 – Alessandro Luzi

Why did you decide to bring your project to Maker Faire Rome? 

«I’ve known about Maker Faire Rome for many years and I’ve been a visitor several times before the pandemic, and going around the stands I’ve always wanted to participate as an exhibitor, but as always in life, never say never. I think that once you get over the initial trauma of thinking you’re not up to it, there’s nothing more beautiful than sharing your creative experience with the public, people who approach you with curiosity to discover what you’re doing. 

I think Maker Faire Rome is the ideal environment to try and create that alchemy between concreteness and experimentation that allows you to try and make your dreams come true

In online participation, live broadcasts can certainly help you to seek this direct contact with the visitor, which is an essential stimulus to push you forward».

What convinced you about Maker Faire Rome’s hybrid version? 

«This year was a wonderful edition, also because there was the possibility of returning to the event in person, but as always, a bad thing, such as the impossibility of organising the physical part of the event in 2020, led to a good thing, that of having to organise it only online, creating, I think, the basis and the conditions for organising this year’s hybrid version.

This is certainly a valid and successful formula because it increases the number of exhibitors and gives many makers who might not have been able to participate physically the opportunity to present themselves virtually to the general public

With this in mind, I would like to improve some aspects of live from virtual stands, which can become a key element of active participation of cyber-visitors who cannot participate live».


Would you prefer to attend next year’s fair remotely or in person? 

«Participating online was a great experience and I would definitely do it again, but participating in person is a primary objective for a true maker, contact with people and feeling their impressions is certainly a unique sensation that is difficult to replicate online, although we will probably be able to do it soon thanks to the new technologies. In the meantime, let’s keep our fingers crossed and book a stand for next year, we will definitely be there with lots of news».



Cover photo: Alessandro Luzi


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