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Research Center E. Piaggio, University of Pisa is one of the oldest interdisciplinary research and technology transfer centres in Europe. Since its foundation in september 1965, the Centre has brought together scientists from different fields of knowledge, from engineering to mathematics, from medicine to psychology. In the RESEARCH sector of Maker Faire Rome 2021, which was held from 8 to 10 October in the Gazometro area in Ostiense, there was also a stand. We caught up with them and here’s what they told us about their experience at the ninth edition of the Innovators’ Fair.

Maker Faire Rome 2021 – Research Center “E.Piaggio” University of Pisa

Which projects have you brought to Maker Faire Rome 2021?

«Il nostro centro di ricerca porta avanti molteplici progetti indipendenti e in team con altre realtà europee. A Maker Faire 2021, abbiamo presentato soltanto alcuni di questi progetti attivi nel nostro centro.

Natural Intelligence with the ANYmal C robot from ANYbotics. The robot is a quadruped that is used for environmental monitoring in unstructured environments such as forests, grasslands, dunes and mountain scenery. The idea is to optimise environmental inspections by automating them and making them systematically replicable for a more in-depth and complete study of the environment in terms of its temporal evolution. We also presented an adaptive foot from the Thing project, which will be mounted on the robot to improve its walking stability in uneven environments. There is also Iliad with the Franka Emilia manipulator, in which we had mounted the cutter made in our centre for the automated opening of parcels packed in transparent film. The cutter incorporates a force sensor that safely controls the cutting of the packages and optimises the overall process»

Explain your vision in few lines

«At the Research Centre E. Piaggio, University of Pisa Robotics Engineering is at the heart of our projects. It is a university reality with collective and individual initiatives».

Why did you decide to bring your projects to Maker Faire Rome?

«In order to make people outside the academic world aware of our reality and our lines of research».

How would you describe your experience at Maker Faire Rome?

«A three-day event of knowledge, dissemination and personal growth with the exchange of ideas and solutions with the other exhibitors».

What do you think of the location?

«The Gazometre is certainly impressive, seeing it from the outside and being inside it had a positive impact on the exhibition».




cover photo: Research Center “E.Piaggio” University of Pisa


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