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Maker Faire Rome 2021, starring projects | Wearable & Biosensing

Wearables, as wearable technological devices are called, are becoming increasingly popular, but much remains to be done to make them truly wearable, as they are often uncomfortable and difficult to integrate. In order to solve this problem, the team (working at the Department of Information Engineering and the E. Piaggio Centre at the University of Pisa) has been working on a number of projects. Piaggio Centre at the University of Pisa) composed of Alessandro Tognetti, Lucia Arcarisi and Nicola Carbonaro have developed Wearable & Biosensing, a project that will be among the protagonists at Maker Faire Rome 2021. We asked Lucia Arcarisi, a research fellow and Biomedical Engineer who works on the design of medical devices and wearable electronic solutions for monitoring and rehabilitation, a few questions.

Lucia, shall we talk about Wearable & Biosensing?

«In Wearable & Biosensing, a research project of the University of Pisa, we create innovative textile sensors with a low impact on users’ lives thanks to high wearability and the possibility to customise their design».

Measuring blood pressure non-invasively via smart textile can be useful in everyday life, from sport to medical and fashion, and even save your life

Have you made prototypes yet?

«Among our flagship prototypes, we have developed a smart dance dress that lights up with the dancer’s step and a prototype of a sensorised sock for gait analysis for early detection of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, enabling effective therapies and savings in healthcare costs».

Lucia, which maker are you?

«I am a research fellow at the University of Pisa and a biomedical engineer, and for work and passion I deal with 2D and 3D printing and wearable technologies».

Why did you decide to bring your project to Maker Faire Rome?

«We wanted to introduce wearable technologies to more people and create the exchange of ideas to create new wearable sensor solutions, and what better place than the ultimate maker’s lair?».

How would you describe your experience at Maker Faire Rome? 

«Maker Faire Rome is an exciting context of brilliant and truly innovative ideas. A world where all the genius of makers comes together through work and passion».

What did you think of the location? 

«The new location was beautiful and evocative. Being in the centre of Rome, in a district like Ostiense, which is very lively and full of bars and restaurants, gave the extra touch. The only drawback was the somewhat adverse weather conditions, which played tricks on people like us who had an open-air stand».



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