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Maker Faire Rome, Main Stage | Gymnasio and Sma-RTy (Arrow) projects

We told you. Or rather, we tried to tell you what was happening on the Main Stage, the heart of Maker Faire Rome 2021. During the course of the ninth edition of the Innovators’ Fair, we raised our antennae to the protagonists, the ideas, the contests, the music. And the projects? Let’s fix that right now. We did so this morning with the presentation of two solutions, which opened the third and final stage of the ninth edition of Maker Faire Rome 2021: they are Gymnasio and Sma-RTy, two projects working on solutions using Artificial Intelligence and 5G technologies applied to health (we’re talking about innovative medicine) and training. They were presented by the curator of Maker Faire Rome 2021 Alessandro Ranellucci. Also on stage were Gabriele Braga of Arrow, Federico Civerchia 5G expert of Sma-RTy, Daniele Gusmini of Gymnasio, and Luca Maggiani, CEO of Sma-RTy.

Why Arrow

Arrow Electronics, partner of Maker Faire Rome 2021, has decided to put the spotlight on new applications with demonstrations in three areas, all united by the use of Artificial Intelligence. «We are a technological platform – explained Gabriele Braga – that we make available to users. In this case we are trying to accelerate the path of these startups in their journey». The startups in question are Gymnasio and Sma-RTy.


«Sma-RTy is the brainchild of a group of researchers who want to innovate and do it in Italy. We deal – explained Luca Maggiani – with innovative technologies in the field of health. Among Sma-RTy’s projects is AuverCare – a tool for tomorrow’s medicine, which uses video and Artificial Intelligence technologies to transfer information on patients’ health status to the doctor”. For the occasion, Smarty has applied “new data models”, a model that enables it to see beyond and capture “information that the human eye normally misses”. AuverCare is a project carried out in collaboration with the Centre Hospitaliere Universitaire in Clermont Ferrand (France). This project is involving the scientific, medical, technological and industrial worlds to bring real value to the healthcare of tomorrow. Where can I find it? At stand J1. 21 and J1.24 at Maker Faire Rome 2021.


Gymnasio is instead an application developed by a deep-tech startup (which has the same name) made up of five engineers and designers united by the aim of “democratising training”, training for short. The startup behind the project was founded by three Alumni of the Politecnico di Milano and two Alumni of the Politecnico di Torino, and is one of the winners of Switch2Product, the programme that promotes innovative market solutions, new technologies and new business ideas. What does Gymnasio do? It allows you to monitor the quality of your workout remotely within your home or at most in an open space such as a park. Gymnasio monitors your body posture during your workout, using Artificial Intelligence techniques. By monitoring and correcting a person’s movement, it aims to make safe, personalised training accessible to all. «It is a solution for fitness in our homes – explained Daniele Gusmini – developed during the pandemic». which reconstructs your body in 3D using Artificial Intelligence and allows you to monitor posture and movements.