Maker learn festival 2021

8-12 November 2021

A rich training program, from the comfort of your home.
Over 50 training proposals from our partners and makers. Workshops, talks, webinars dedicated to innovation: from artificial intelligence to robotics, from recycling to upcycling; from digital manufacturing to sustainability, and much more.
And there are also courses for children and teenagers!

Dall’8 al 12 novembre 2021 abbiamo realizzato decine di ore di e-learning insieme ai nostri partner e maker sui principali temi dell’innovazione, dall’intelligenza artificiale alla robotica, dal recycling all’upcycling, dalla manifattura digitale alla sostenibilità, e tanto edutainment anche per i ragazzi.

Con Maker Learn Festival RELOADED tutto questo è disponibile sul nostro canale Youtube organizzato in playlist tematiche, scopri di più!

How the "Makers" philosophy saved my startup. Openness to standards, 3D printing, horizontal expandability and total customization as the key to achieve market diversification. - Come la filosofia "Makers" ha salvato la mia startup. Apertura agli standard, stampa 3D, espandibilità orizzontale e personalizzazione totale come chiave per raggiungere la diversificazione di mercato.

Relio Labs s.r.l.

Relio is a line of professional lighting products.
Two years ago I decided to launch a new version, investing a lot of money in R&D but very little in marketing.
The product did not sell well.
I decided to halt the sales and make some substantial changes.
Relio has been improved with "Open Source" strategies: free firmware documentation, downloadable 3D printing expansions, Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatibility.
The result: very famous companies bought Relio and gave me the prestige and visibility I needed.
Everything has been much easier since then!


Tuesday 09 November

From 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm CET

How the

Marco Bozzola

Category Makers

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