Maker learn festival 2021

8-12 November 2021

A rich training program, from the comfort of your home.
Over 50 training proposals from our partners and makers. Workshops, talks, webinars dedicated to innovation: from artificial intelligence to robotics, from recycling to upcycling; from digital manufacturing to sustainability, and much more.
And there are also courses for children and teenagers!

Dall’8 al 12 novembre 2021 abbiamo realizzato decine di ore di e-learning insieme ai nostri partner e maker sui principali temi dell’innovazione, dall’intelligenza artificiale alla robotica, dal recycling all’upcycling, dalla manifattura digitale alla sostenibilità, e tanto edutainment anche per i ragazzi.

Con Maker Learn Festival RELOADED tutto questo è disponibile sul nostro canale Youtube organizzato in playlist tematiche, scopri di più!

Predictive Maintenance: Innovating the world of robotics in Italy - Predictive Maintenance: Innovare il mondo della robotica in Italia

Arrow Electronics Italia s.r.l.

In Italy the industrial sector Robotics and Automation is in great development and represents an excellence in the world for its center of competence.
One of the topics that requires a technological deepening is the introduction of innovations on Predictive Maintenance associated with ROBOTICS and INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION that, Arrow Electronics Italia (global solution provider of electronics, technologies and cloud solutions) together with Pariter Partner (the largest organization in Italy for investments in deep-technology for the launch of startups through advanced solutions and services) will show in this session, a sensor solutions overview, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence methodologies guiding innovations towards the needs of the market.


Wednesday 10 November

From 10.45 am to 11.45 am CET

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Predictive Maintenance: Innovating the world of robotics in Italy - Predictive Maintenance: Innovare il mondo della robotica in Italia

Luca Baldazzi

Manager of Solution Field Application Engineering Arrow Electronics Italia. In the role of head of the engineering team, he leads the introduction on the Italian territory of solutions, technologies, components for electronic systems with 20 years of experience. The needs of the market, obtained thanks to contacts with major customers in the context of Industrial Automation, Robotics and Automotive combined with direct contact with the major manufacturers of Electronic Components and CLOUD services in the global sector, have allowed him to develop a look towards innovation and ensure the creation of products and services that today surround our daily lives with the concept of looking to the future (FIVE YEARS OUT). In addition, the attention over the years and the development from simple Startups to SCALE UP, have allowed him to accelerate innovations transforming them into industrial realities still present on the Italian and European market.

Jari Ognibeni

Co-Founder e Managing Partner at Pariter Partner. Investor in technological and product startups in Italy and the USA. Founder of the first Hardware Accelerator Fund in Italy (Industrio VC). Jari has more than 30 investments in portfolio with 3 completed exits (3x on invested capital). Specialized in SMEs advisory in the Automotive, Autonomous Driving and Robotics sectors.

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