Maker learn festival 2023

27-30 November 2023

A rich training program, from the comfort of your home.
Many training proposals from our partners and makers. Workshops, talks, webinars dedicated to innovation: from artificial intelligence to robotics, from recycling to upcycling; from digital manufacturing to sustainability, and much more.
And there are also courses for children and teenagers!

How to create innovative services for research and academia - Come nascono servizi innovativi per la ricerca e luniversit


Would you like to know how innovative services are developed for the diverse academic and research world? Imagine an astrophysicist receiving data from all over the world to study the universe, or a composer playing together with artists in different cities. Or a biomedical researcher in her laboratory, or a group of university students. They all seem so different, but there is something that unites them: specific and unique needs related to connectivity and digital services.

If you are curious to discover how to find tailor-made solutions for these diverse needs, we invite you to join our webinar. Thanks to its collaborative model and continuous interaction with the global community through international working groups, GARR is able to anticipate needs and create personalized services.
A unique opportunity to understand how sharing and adopting open solutions in software and ICT can contribute to the technological progress of our country.


Monday 27 November

From 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm CET

Maker Learn Festival

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How to create innovative services for research and academia - Come nascono servizi innovativi per la ricerca e luniversit


Claudio Allocchio

Claudio Allocchio studied Astrophysics and Physics of Elementary Particles, but also music (piano) at the Conservatory. In 1985 he began to deal with computer networks at CERN, returning to Trieste in 1988. He is a founder of GARR Network, and directed the project COSINE Mail Gateway Services in the early 90s, creating the first e-mail global service. For 11 years he was also the president of the Italian Naming Authority (body that regulated the ".it" domain). Member of IETF since 1991, he was in charge and now is senior member of the Real Time and Application Area Directorate. At GARR he is Senior Manager and Advisor, coordinating Advanced Application Services, Security and Policy areas and one of the creators of LoLA, the ultra-fast videoconferencing system. He is Chair of the GEANT Community Committee. He won the Vietsch Medal of Honour in 2019 and the eCulture award in 2021. In November 2023, he joined the Board of Directors of the GANT European research network.

Sabrina Tomassini

Sabrina Tomassini, head of the Network department of GARR, graduated in Telecommunications Engineering in 1998 at the La Sapienza University of Rome. She worked in the development of mobile and fixed network services for different telecommunications operators. She has been working for GARR since 2007 and she is involved in the activity of gathering the requirements of users in terms of connectivity and services and in the planning of network resources and new technical solutions. She is also involved in communication and relations activities with GARR members and partners.

Giovanni Cesaroni

Graduated in Physics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". His working experience at GARR began in 2003 in the Network Operation Center - NOC. Since 2006 he's been engaged with software development focusing in particular towards network monitoring and reporting activity as well as informative systems. Since 2014 he is the author the INNI-MS software project The Italian Neuroimaging Network Initiative (INNI) to optimize the use of advanced MRI techniques in patients with MS, a research project born from the cooperation between GARR and FISM (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation). He is presently part of the infrastructure department and continues to engage with development.

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