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Makers European Commission is Calling for a in-residence programme. Submit by the 31st of july!

Makers, European Commission is calling for you! Deadline is the 31st of July! Do not miss this opportunity !


The JRC makers-in-residence programme is an immersive  european programme to promote collaborations with JRC scientific staff and enhance community building.

The programme is for European -based innovative thinkers and tinkerers.

For makers to further their practice and collaborate with JRC researches. For makers open to undertake an experimental journey of exploration of the world of JRC science and local community.

The European JRC makers-in-residence programme aims to reinforce spaces of dialogue and co-creation by:

  • developing original thematic projects (multi-disciplinary; combining art, science and technology),
  • attracting innovative ideas,
  • promoting partnerships,
  • publishing findings of dialogues and collaboration work.

JRC European makers-in-residence programme provides

  • a unique space at the crossroad between science and policy,
  • space for exchange of ideas between makers, researchers and locals,
  • resources (e.g. JRC makerspace, grants),
  • an opportunity to engage in crosscutting projects.

The JRC makerspace

It is a collaborative space designed to promote:

  • active participation,
  • knowledge sharing, and
  • scientific research through open-ended exploration and experimentation.

The JRC makerspace, the first of its kind in an European institution, ir is located at the site in Ispra, Italy.

It is organised in different areas and is equipped with a set of tools and fabrication equipment that allow individuals to transform their ideas into reality, for example:

  • 3D Printers
  • Laser Cutters
  • CNC Milling Machines

They  can host 35 people at a time, accommodating a variety of activities from hands-on workshops and co-creation exercises, to seminars.

The programme theme

Every year the makers-in-residence programme centres on a specific theme. For the 1st edition – 2020-2021 the themes are:

  • Youth: a life through a pandemic;
  • Pollinators decline:can you make the difference?

Every year there is a call for applications for makers.

During the programme

Programme duration

  • a minimum residence stay of 10 days and
  • a maximum residence stay of 22 days

This can be spread over a maximum duration period of 2 months (from November to December) at the JRC site in Ispra, Italy.

Exceptions can be evaluated but not guaranteed.

European Makers Workspace

The main workspace will be the JRC makerspace, located in Ispra, Italy.

The makerspace is free for use between 7.00 and 20.00 (CET) during weekdays (closed on weekends).

Support to programme participants

Our JRC makerspace staff will support european makers during the whole period of the residence. Before the start of the programme, they will contact you to coordinate any needs and requirements.


  • Grant: financial support for the duration of the programme.
  • Travel allowance: we cover the costs for travelling to Ispra, Italy (e.g. round-trip in economy class).

After the programme

The makers’ projects will be published on the European Science Hub.

Makers will receive a certificate of participation.

Makers will partecipate at #MFR20 on line, on site and on life !

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