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#MFR19 offers the opportunity to show innovative AND educational projects focused on the aerospace world, yet again! 


Would you like to join the Makers for Space? Don’t miss the Call for Makers of #MFR19: submit your project by June 24, 2019!


The VII edition of Maker Faire Rome will be hosting a large section orientated toward the aerospace sector, with the purpose of concentrating on the disciplines, activities, with relevant and arising realizations!


Makers for Space

Makers for Space within Maker Faire Rome is an exclusive platform –  unique in Europe –  to give voice to those who do innovations and creativity within the field of the aerospace sector.

#MFR19 becomes the place to speak about innovation for economic returns for the investments in Space. Any kind of science or technology can be part of this section of MFR19, taking inspiration from the past (the 50th of Apollo program), from the present (the endless applications for and from the aerospace sector) and from the future (the human exploration of Moon and Mars).


How to be selected

To participate to Makers for Space means achieving a visibility and contacts not otherwise possible, in particular for the future actors in the New Space Economy.

Maker Faire Rome, via the Call for Makers, offers, therefore, the unique opportunity to present appropriate realizations and to discuss them within the dynamic and international context of the Maker Faire.

To be selected, projects:

  • must be relevant to the aerospace sector 
  • can be understood, also with educational aspects, demonstrated in science and technology relevant to the sector
  • For the inherent interdisciplinary aspect which it characterizes, every discipline can be said to be practically involved: engineering, physics, life sciences, chemistry, astronomy, and others.
  • The amateur side will be particularly valued, as in the pure artistic expression inspired by the sector.
  • School projects inspired by the sector may also be shown in this area.


Particular care will be devoted to Italian Space, with its launch technologies and its satellite technologies for telecommunications and remote sensing. Because of their importance in superseding terrestrial infrastructures (to build equivalent communications systems) and the continuous monitoring of our planet, these technologies will be illustrated through demos and educational trainings.


#MFR19 taks you to Mars: get on board!


#MFR19 takes you to Mars! 

Within Makers for Space we will talk, this year, about Exploring Mars. In past history we never had as we have today all we need to make this vision real. For this reason, the exhibition area of the Makers for Space section will be devoted to past, present and future project related to Mars.

Being a Maker” describes a positive attitude to solving problems by using available resources. The first settlements on Mars will indeed be built by people with this attitude, those who will be able to exploit the available resources to the best, with ingenuity and creativity.

Mars offers countless resources and in the exhibition area we will reveal the incredible discoveries that are changing the scenarios for the human exploration of the Red Planet.

Regarding the exhibition area, the British Interplanetary Society, which will be responsible for and coordinate the contents of the whole section, plan to retrace the history of Mars exploration up to the most recent projects, and will conceive or collaborate towards creating individual one-of-a-kind installations

Would you like to be part of the Makers for Space? Don’t miss the Call for Makers of Maker Faire Rome: submit your project by June 24, 2019 and get on board!