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Make’s Gift Guide: Great Holiday Ideas For Your Favorite Makers and More

the holidays are here again, and with them comes the timeless tradition of trading gifts

Still searching for the best gift? Take a look at this list by Make Magazine and get inspired: the maker inside you – and the ones around – will surely appreciate any of this suggestions


As daylight and temperatures begin to drop and the winter season draws near, we start to think about spending time with those we love (and with our workshops). That’s right, the holidays are here again, and with them comes the timeless tradition of trading gifts.

Now, finding a gift can at times be a little stressful, but we’re here to help! The members of the Make: staff has collected some of their favorite tools and toys that we’ve each loved using over the course of this year, and we’re now listing them for your shopping convenience. These ideas come with our strong recommendation (some also generate affiliate revenue for Make:).

Check out our this guide put together bu our friends at MakeMagazine. If you haven’t found the perfect maker gift yet, hopefully it will make life easier. Enjoy it!


Bear Claw Leaf Scoops — perfect for yard cleanup and more

Battery-Powered Chain Saw — light, powerful, go-anywhere cutting fun

ph: Benjamin Brunner via Unsplash

Leather gloves — a must for anyone working in the field

ph: Pixabay

Battery jump-starter – well, just a must-have

ph: Pixabay

Prusa Mini 3D Printer – Can you really do without?

ph: Prusa



Gerber E.A.B. Cutter

ph. Gerber



Soldering station

ph: ThisIsEngineering via Unsplash

Carbon backyard pizza oven (Italy rulez!)

ph: CookWithCarbo


Acrylic Pouring Paint 

ph: Arteza

The Maker Magician Handbook

ph: Amazon

Robot Magic book 

ph. Amazon


Ender 3 3D printer: The super-popular staple of affordable 3D printing.

Glow-in-the-dark multicolor filament: Have a little fun with the lights out! 

Temperature-sensitive color-change filament: It’s so fun to watch this change color as you hold it in your hand. 

Hatchbox PLA: Make sure you always have material. This filament will get the job done. 

Anycubic 4K resin 3D printer: It’s cheap (but not the absolute cheapest) but provides those high-resolution results that you can only get from a resin printer.

Elegoo washing and curing station: Really helps reduce mess and waste with your resin prints. Your family will thank you. 

Isopropyl alcohol 99%: For cleaning your resin prints. Higher concentration that you typically can get at the corner store.

Elegoo UV 3D printer resin: Basic material for most of the affordable resin printers. Good to have on hand.

Siraya Tech ABS-like resin: A bit higher-quality resin offering similar physical properties to ABS. 

IFUN jewelry-casting resin: Use lost-wax casting with this material to turn your digital designs into metal creations. If you have access to a jewelry kiln, this is what you need. 


micro:bit Go Bundle v1: Always a staff favorite, especially for learning coding. With the component shortages of 2021, it’s been next to impossible to find one of these great little boards. We’ve got a few. Grab a Bit:Booster or Bit:Buddy+ to turbocharge your micro:bit even further.

Circuit Scout kit: Learn the basics of how circuits work and then put them to use to make your own unique inventions, including LED circuits you can wear. 

Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino: Has an Arduino-compatible board and 10 sensors that clip together with easy Grove connections. No soldering needed.

Make: Geometry: Our great new book that makes geometry great again.  

Scrappy Circuits bookScrappy Circuits is an imaginative “do-it-yourself” way to learn about making electrical circuits that cost less than $1 per person!

3D Splat rainbow set: Innovative tool that teaches three-dimensional object drawing. 

Makey Makey: Electronic invention kit for all ages. A Maker Camp favorite that allows you to use everyday objects for physical computing .

Free to MakeMake: founder Dale Dougherty’s study of the global Maker Movement that explores how “making” impacts our personal and social development — perfect for enthusiastic DIY-ers. 

Brush-E Robo Racers: Racing brushes! A fun and simple way to introduce kids to electronics. Perfect party activity too. 

Pizza Race: Another great way to add a little learning and competition to your next pizza party! Build these vibration-moving kits to see who’s fastest.

Lectrify class pack: Embeddable snap-off circuits for kids, educators and makers from a small maker-owned business in San Francisco with countless uses in projects.


Drybag backpack: This versatile backpack has become a go-to for one staffer; even when water and rain are not in the plan this bag is great to grab, stuff, and go.

Survival kit: For camping, hiking, or keeping in your car in case of a cross-country breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

Firebiner: Carabiners are incredibly useful for the outdoors and organization… this one combines a carabiner, screwdriver, utility blade, bottle opener, hang slots, and coolest of all, a fire-starting Spark Wheel.

Magnetic fishing set: A great entertaining activity for all ages. Dang are these magnets strong — you will be hooked on this hobby (pun intended) with one toss.


Brother ScanNCut vinyl cutter: Make signs, stickers, art, cards, and more. A great tool for the classroom or any crafting workshop. 

Contour tool set: These devices are really useful for getting the exact shape of an object, then transferring it to a material you’re placing around it, like floor boards and tiles. This kit comes with multiple gauges and rulers for the most demanding layouts.


Wio Terminal: A microcontroller and color screen in a very nice enclosure. Optimized for TinyML projects; use it to build the AI Nose from the cover of Make: v77

Laser tape measure: So frequently used in one Make: editor’s household it lives permanently in the kitchen drawer. 

USB endoscope: Peek inside walls, under appliances, into engine cylinders or ear canals. 

Adafruit Clue: A kitchen sink of a microcontroller board. As seen on the cover of Make: v74. 

Raspberry Pi Pico: The most notable new microcontroller released this year. Tons of power, super low price. 


Digital angle finder with laser line level: Get your table or mitre saw blade to the exact angle with this great little tool. Also useful to track how off-kilter a surface is, the angle of a ramp, and more. 

Clamp-edge circular saw kit: Table saws can be bulky, but this tool lets you get perfectly straight lines with your existing circular saw, then tucks tightly away. Easy to use on-site too. 

Full-face shield: Much nicer than wearing goggles that fog up. We always forget we have ours on.

Upgrade your shop lights: If you’re still using a pricey, old-fashioned incandescent lightbulb to illuminate your space, do yourself a favor and get some bright, power-saving LED fixtures instead. Your eyes will thank you. We like these 3-armed, directional ones. 

Makita 5” orbital sander: Makes quick work of even very big jobs. Our editor appreciates the extended grip for those marathon sanding sessions.

Sanding discs, 5”: A rare assortment of almost every grit you’d want. 54 pieces.


Block printing kit: Get started in a new art medium. 

Canary cardboard cutter: Cardboard is all around us these days, and is a great material for crafting and art making. The Canary cutter makes it so easy to cut it apart for any of your needs.  

Sizzix die-cutting and embossing machine: A budget way to do intaglio printing. Or use it as intended! 


Lincoln Power Mig 210 MP welder: Fix stuff and build cool art. Dial in the settings with an intuitive screen-based interface. 

Hypertherm plasma cutter Embrace the power of the gods as you cleave thick pieces of metal. We like this one because of its built-in air compressor — no need to hook up multiple pieces of gear to get going. 

Ball vice for metal engraving: Do detailed work on small pieces, jewelry, and more. 

Adjust-O Magnetic Square: A must have for welders. Hold those pieces in perfect alignment with powerful magnets.  

Wetools Rivet Nut Tool: Allows you to add nuts to metal surfaces by riveting them in place. Useful when you’re building out your camper van or food truck. 


iFixit Essential Electronics ToolkitVarious driver bits, spudgers, pullers, and more, to open almost anything. 

Dent-puller: You know what would make everyone in your family happy? If you went outside after opening presents and fixed all the dents on their cars. 

Soldering iron: Get started with a basic one, or go further with the USB kit. Really serious about electronics? Our editors all recommend the Hakko.


Car-starting battery pack: Will charge your phone. Will also jump-start a car in an emergency. Very useful glove box item. 

Lego World Map: Almost 12,000 pieces come together into a 41-inch piece that you’ll be proud to hang on your wall. And make no mistake, you earned it!

Drill brush kit: A variety pack of brushes and pads that are great for everything from deep cleaning to getting loose paint off of old 2x4s. 

Reusable lint rollers: Just wash them off with dish soap and let air dry to make them super sticky again. 


Rainbow Light Show Kit: Solder together (or get the pre-assembled version) then go wild with touch-free LED color mixing for whatever projects you can dream up. 

Circuit Scribe Basic Kit: Conductive ink and a variety of components lets any youngster or curious person unravel the mystery of electronic circuits by drawing real ones that really work.

Love to Code Creative Coding Kit (Chibi Chip Starter Kit): Get started with coding now! The Love to Code Creative Coding Kit is a fun, friendly and new way to engage with coding.

Origami Paper Circuits: Combine simple electronics with the centuries-old Japanese paper craft art of Origami. 

Magna Tiles: One of the best new toys in years. Quickly build all sorts of creative structures. We’ve never met a kid that doesn’t love these. 

Dash and Dot: Program these adorable robots to do countless activities. One staffer’s daughter has been using these for years and still loves them.

Shape Shifting Box: This shape-shifting fidget cube turns into 70 different shapes, each held in place with internal magnets.

The Questioneers: This four-book set celebrates all of the members of the STEM-focused Questioneer series, including an architect, and engineer, and a scientist. Lets all kids know that they can pursue their dreams, no matter what. 


Fermenting kit: Pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut and more — so much tastier when it’s made at home. 

Sourdough tank: Glass, with lid and temperature markings on the outside.  

Egg PoacherTake the frustration out of your holiday brunch with this nifty tool and make that elusive perfect poached egg every time.


Clawed gloves: Why use your fingernails to get under the soil? These things do it so much better. And they look diabolically cool. 

Japanese Weeding Sickle Lefty or righty: Don’t let its size fool you.  It is ruthless on weeds, even the pesky and invasive bittersweet vine. 


Let’s be merry, folks!

source: Make Magazine

cover image: Samuel Holt via Unsplash

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