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Arduino triples: the Arduino Days become three

To mark the 11° edition, Arduino Days take a twist and turn into a full 3-day celebration. Save the dates: March 21-22-23!


Three is the magic number, and at Arduino they have decided to extend the annual event that celebrates the community from one to three days. This will make for a very special edition this year, even reacher in content and opportunity for the whole maker community.

Arduino Days will take place on March 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2024. Mark your calendars, and bookmark the dedicated website for up-to-date information as we get closer to launch.

About Arduino Days

Now in its 11th year, this is the event that brings together all Arduino users and shines the spotlight on the most outstanding projects and ideas – across the world!

Over the past editions, many great contribution where shared. Just to give you an idea: 

  • Jeanne Harignordoquy’s World Wind Radio, probably the most romantic invention ever. World Win Radio is an interactive sound installation harnessing nature’s strongest force: the wind. The installation, which resembles a wind stock, plays a radio station from different parts of the world depending on the speed and direction of the wind. Watch it here:

  • Blue Box Project by Judit Giró Benet and Billy Chen, a medical device that detects breast cancer in the easiest way. Also winner of the James Dyson Award 2020, the Blue Box is a biomedical device for pain-free, non-irradiating, low-cost, in-home breast cancer testing – just by introducing a urine sample in a box! The AI-based algorithm reacts to specific urine metabolites and outputs a classification rate of >95%. Watch it here:



Arduino Day(s) 2024

From just one day to three full days of invention, creativity, ingenuity, learning and sharing, the Arduino  Days will span over a longer timeframe to allow more in depth discussions over a larger number of projects, speakers and guests.

What to expect

This year, the Arduino Days will showcase a huge range of applications, from industrial-grade solutions to wow-worthy prototypes, and from educational tutorials to completely original ideas that put a twist on our ecosystem.

There will be new product announcementsbehind-the-scenes from collaborations with industrial partners, and deep dives on current trends like edge AI, tinyML, real-time monitoring, and so much more. 

Fully live streamed

All sessions will be broadcast in live streaming (and later remain available on the Arduino YouTube channel) for maximum accessibility and visibility.

Guest star

Arduino Days are also a great time for Arduino to share knowledge and unique point of view, including awesome ways to leverage the newest solutions and insights from the Arduino management – and even guest stars like Bruce Sterling – author, novelist, proponent of the cyberpunk genre, futurist

How to partecipate in the Arduino Days

Arduino Days are for everyone: user groups, makerspaces, hackerspaces, fablabs, associations, teachers, schools, professionals, startups and newbies are welcome. Over 240 events from all over the world have already pinned on the map!  All events can be followed in live streaming on the dedicated website:

The agenda

The agenda for each of the three days is here: All events are free of charge.

The recording for each of the days will be then available online on the Arduino Official Youtube channel.

What can I do during Arduino Days?

You’re more than welcome to attend (free of charge) any of the online activities listed in the Program for the official Arduino Days event. The events will feature different types of activities, tailored to local audiences all over the world.

cover image: illustration by Marta Signori, 2022

author: Barbara Marcotulli


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