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Meet the Accademia Italiana Videogiochi in the Learn area of Maker Faire Rome 2023

Accademia Italiana del Videogioco

The Gaming Revolution: Accademia Italiana Videogiochi at Maker Faire Rome 2023

Discover the work of Accademia Italiana Videogiochi, that is shaping the future professionals of the gaming industry, only at Maker Faire Rome 2023!


2023 will be a year to remember for the video game industry. Newzoo, a company that does research about the gaming industry, has published a report estimating that this year the industry will generate as much as 188 billion dollars in revenues, a 2.6% rise from 2022. It is an expanding business that continuously seeks out new skills, experiments with new technologies and creates new languages in search of the most captivating way to spark people’s interest. 

Gaming is a world ripe with opportunity, excitement and challenges to understand, promote and discover. That’s why Maker Faire Rome 2023, the fair that celebrates innovation, has embraced the industry, giving it its own area to offer a better understanding and awareness of the opportunities and challenges it holds. Innova Camera, the Special Agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, which is organizing the event, has involved several important players of the Italian video game industry like the Accademia Italiana Videogiochi – AIV (Italian Academy of Video Games.

Let’s take a look at the some of the things this invaluable partner of Maker Faire Rome has achieved, from its most important training initiatives for students to its institutional projects.

Accademia Italiana Videogiochi – AIV: backstory and educational offerings

AIV was founded in 2004 with the goal of creating a center for training and entertainment for video game enthusiasts. It is where young minds can get an inside look at the “professions of digital artisans.” AIV aims to teach them both the art and science of the medium, offering all the theoretical and practical skills needed to develop video games and advanced computer programs. Currently, the Academy has around 400 students that it is prepping to compete with professionals at an international level.

AIV offers two- and three-year courses that cover around 900 hours of studies following 7 fundamental training programs: Graphic design, Programming and Game Design, Narrative Design, Writing, Music and Character Animation. In addition, AIV’s programs offer:

  • Short courses and workshops with international teachers;
  • Specific lessons on how to approach the video game industry: professional advice for entering the professional landscape in the best way possible;
  • A Career Day at the end of each academic year: an event that allows students to interact with companies in the industry which explain what jobs are available;
  • Connections with the job market: AIV puts its students in contact with companies in the gaming industry and the IT field.

The success of AIV training

AIV has been around for 20 years. The majority of students have found employment in some of the most important software houses in the world, such as Sega, Ubisoft Singapore, Sony, Asobo Studio, Codemasters and Streamline Studios. The success of its training programs comes from its highly qualified teachers, who prepare classes to enter the professional world by developing technical skills, critical thinking and teamwork skills. These are people who are deeply passionate about video games and teaching, making AIV a leader in the market since 2005, according to the Information Report from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. Following this recognition, AIV piqued the interest of national media and its name began to spread on Rai, Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, Famiglia Cristiana and almost all industry magazines.

The social commitment of AIV for a Digital Republic

The Accademia Italiana Videogiochi has developed a strong identity also thanks to its collaboration with institutions. AIV was one of the first training institutes to adhere to the “Manifesto for a Digital Republic.” The manifesto, promoted by the Innovation Ministry’s Digital Transformation Team, seeks to favor digital inclusion and improve access to public services. AIV believes that digital literacy is fundamental for social progress and actively works to promote the cause. The initiative is made up of a series of activities carried out in collaboration with other public and private entities to drive the digital transformation with educational, informational and cultural action.

AIV for students – video game professions

In 2018, in collaboration with publisher Dino Audino, AIV published “Professions in Video Games,” a book that highlights professional figures in the video game industry. This publication offers an exhaustive guide for those who wish to pursue a career in the world of video games, providing a detailed map of the job opportunities. The same year, the Academy began to work with several higher education and technical institutes across Italy. This collaboration enabled them to develop innovative activities, integrating the teaching curriculum, including professional workshops and research activities. More than a thousand students to date have benefited from AIV’s programs. Lastly, they also have close ties with the Universitas Mercatorum, the Chamber of Commerce’s online university, for the cooperation and definition of common initiatives aimed at planning and sharing academic and cultural activities as well as post-graduate professional training. Thanks to this collaboration, students who complete the second year of AIV will have the opportunity to enroll in the second year of either the Computer Engineering or Business Management degree programs.

AIV: must-see activities at MFR23

Since 2010, the Italian Academy of Video Games has organized and participated in numerous events, including:

  • it Expo
  • Videoludicamente
  • EA Sports Summer Cup
  • Romics Games & Entertainment
  • Global Game Jam
  • Level Up – Rome Developer Conference
  • Level Up – School Days
  • AIV Career Days

These have helped spread the culture of video games in Italy and offered opportunities for video game enthusiasts to meet and share their passion. For this edition of Maker Faire Rome 2023, there are many activities planned for the EdTech area dedicated to gaming. Here are a few you can’t miss:

  • Exhibition of student video game projects
  • Game Jam with 25 selected high school students
  • Student development activities demonstration area
  • Academic video game testing area
  • Area Talk

The Accademia Italiana Videogiochi is a point of reference in the Italian and international video game training and development landscape. Its collaboration with Maker Faire Rome 2023 is an example of how gaming can be used not only as a form of entertainment, but also as an educational and cultural tool. AIV’s social commitment to promoting digital inclusion and the publication of “Professions in Video Games” demonstrate the importance of this institution in shaping the future of the gaming industry in Italy.

Come meet the professors and students of AIV at the EdTech area of Maker Faire Rome 2023. From October 20-22, the future is waiting at Fiera di Roma. Visit the website for more information. Tickets available only online.


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