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MOCA, the collaborative robot (cobot) that is controlled from a distance

Simple movements of the body or hands are sufficient to make this special cobot perform any physical operation


Imagine being able to perform difficult actions remotely or in places that are difficult to reach, and that you are not the one really doing it, but instead, it is a robotic device that replicates your movements and responds with specific actions to each of them.


Well, such a  robot actually exists, and it is called MOCA, an acronym for Mobile Collaborative Robotic Assistant. The name already explains very well what it is: a robotic device that acts as an assistant in all respects, able to physically move and collaborate with those who operate it.  MOCA was conceived and realized by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), which has been engaged for years in the development of useful and innovative robotic projects.



The collaborative robot (cobot) MOCA (photo: IIT)


This reliable and collaborative robot (cobot), therefore, manages to help human beings in many different situations, thereby, resulting in all respects a valid ally for the success of operations that would otherwise suffer due to some humanly unattainable limits. An intuitive interface makes MOCA easy to operate even for non-specialized users.


foto: IIT
photo: IIT

The robot is composed of a mobile platform with four wheels on which an arm capable of handling objects has been mounted. Anyone who uses MOCA can make it move simply by tilting their body in the desired direction. In addition, by raising the right arm, the robot will understand that it has to repeat the movements of the human by using its artificial hand.


MOCA in funzione, controllato dai movimenti dell’operatrice (foto: IIT/YouTube)
MOCA in action, controlled by the operator’s movements (photo: IIT/YouTube)

MOCA, along with many other projects under the banners of innovation, creativity, and technological development, will be present at the Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the world-famous innovative technology fair that will take place from 18 to 20 October at Fiera di Roma.