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An open source protective suit now available.

The first medically reviewed open source gown design by Open Source 

The Open Source Medical Supplies medical team, headed by Guy Cavalcanti, has reviewed this suit design, and suggests you make it out of the Tyvek 1433R (i.e. thin and flexible covering) you would find in any hardware store.

Open Source Medical Supplies team was created by Cavalcanti  to evaluate, design, validate, and source the fabrication of open source emergency medical supplies around the world, given a variety of local supply conditions. The group explicitly flag designs that have been evaluated by a medical team, and unless explicitly stated, designs posted in the Files tab, or in posts and comments on the page, should be viewed as unevaluated, and treated with caution.

Mich Dulce in Manila reverse engineered an existing isolation suit design, turned it into a pattern, and created an instructional PDF on how to make it.

Alex Crease from Boston created DXF files for machine cutting, which will be posted in their repository soon.


Link to download Full scale PDF Patterns and PDF version of techpack here