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Ex gazometro ostiense

Fast Forward – The Future in the Making – MFR21

The theme 2021 is “Fast Forward I The Future In The Making”: the recognition of circumstances that have accelerated long-due changes, and the celebration of that ability to “make” that made it possible to manage the uncertainty of these endless months since the pandemic began. A theme that finds in design the “whirlwind of social transformation”, the founding infrastructure of a new individual and collective living between physical and digital, “that has the ability to give meaning, reason to exist things”.


HIROAKI KITANO I SONY Azada Barakzai | Digital Citizen Fund I Afghan Dreamers Enrico Bassi I OpenDot, Sofia Crespo I Artist, Eliana De Marchi I Eni, Leonardo Durante I Finalist Global Teacher Prize, Tommaso Ghidini | ESA, Nir Goldstein | Good Food Institute , Mahbooba Islami | Digital Citizen Fund I Afghan Dreamers, Steven Jepeal | Allium Engineering, Michelle Johnson I I-Rim, Daniele Lago I Lago Design, Marinella Levi I PoliMi, Roya Mahboo | Digital Citizen Fund I Afghan Dreamers, Sonia Massari I Future Food Academy, Stefano Micelli | Progetto Upskills 4.0, Luca Parmitano I ESA, Sheila Scerba I Steve Jobs Academy, Raffi Tchakerian I Dubai Institute of Design & Innovation MASSIMO BANZI I ARDUINO