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Fiera di Roma

The Future Of Everything – MFR16

We have lost the future. We no longer know where the best world we expected has ended. But more than ever, the future depends on us, on the ability of everyone to innovate in every sector. To do things differently by making the best use of digital technologies and networks, and the Internet network. The Opening Conference of the fourth Maker Faire Rome is dedicated precisely to this theme: “The Future of Everything, the future of everything”.


Massimo Banzi, Maurizio Costabeber, Kelly Degnan, James D. Jackson, Neil Gershenfeld, Luigi La Spada, Riccardo Luna, Simona Maschi, Dario Pagani, Pietro Piccinetti, Giuliano Poletti, Giuseppe Recchi, Bruce Sterling, Lorenzo Tagliavanti, Carlotta Ventura, Tim West, Bruno Zamborlin, Nicola Zingaretti.