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Original, versatile, and green: here is the bag of the future inspired by age-old tradition

A school project dedicated to the recycling and dissemination of eco-sustainable fashion accessories


Attention to the environment and the preservation of the ecosystems in which we live is also expressed through small gestures and everyday objects. Often, many common objects that surround us can be revisioned from a green perspective. 

For this reason, reusing what is discarded in a productive and original way is an objective that can be implemented in the most varied sectors. An example of this is a bag made with recycled materials designed by the students in the 4M class at the IIS Alberto Castigliano in Asti, Italy. Let’s take a look at this project in more detail.


Sabrota-bag (photo: sabrotafashion/Instagram)


It is called the Sabrota Bag and the name, especially for the Piedmontese, evokes folklore and tradition. According to legend, in fact, Sabrota was a witch who lived in Asti in the 1500s, who was able to transform herself into a cat, and who also had strong artisan skills. 

If you are wondering what this folkloristic figure has to do with a fashion accessory, the connection is quickly revealed. The fact is that the Sabrota-bag, created by the Piedmontese students using recycled materials is also able to transform itself, just like the famous witch, Sabrota.


Sabrota-bag creators (photo: sabrotafashion/Instagram)


That’s right! This particular bag, thanks to its sliding handles, can be both a shopper and a backpack, making versatility one of its major strengths. Moreover, the other two very important aspects of the Sabrota-bag are its green vocation and production. In fact, the materials with which it is made are recuperated from the processing waste produced by the various textile companies in the Asti area, which are then combined with other fabrics such as hemp to create products with truly unique characteristics.


The Sabrota Fashion logo (photo: sabrotafashion/Instagram)


In short, the Sabrota-bag is the ideal accessory for anyone who wants to show respect for the environment in their daily activities, without losing sight of both the fascinating traditions of the past and modern practicality! Therefore, without a doubt, this is truly a “magic” bag!



This project, together with many other ideas aimed at recycling and reuse, will be present at Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the world-famous innovative technology fair that will take place from 18 to 20 October at the Fiera di Rome.