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Inail is a non-economic public body that has expanded its functions in recent years and gradually changed its role within the Italian welfare system, increasingly assuming the features of a global and integrated system through which it carries out its institutional mission of great social importance:

  • developing the culture of prevention to reduce injuries and supporting companies that invest in prevention with economic incentives and tariff reduction;
  • insuring workers who carry out risky activities;
  • guaranteeing the injured at work and those suffering from occupational diseases the economic, health, therapeutic and rehabilitative, prosthetic services as well as the assistance for their reintegration into social and professional life;
  • contributing to the development of scientific research on health, safety and applied technology, to prevent injuries, reduce the incidence of occupational diseases, assess and manage emerging risks, raise the standards of prosthetic and rehabilitation instruments.

As regards this latter function Inail, adapting to the changes introduced by the new forms of work organization and production processes and by technological innovation, designs and experiments solutions capable of preventing and managing the risks present in the workplace; in parallel, it proposes a training plan on innovative themes to activate new professional figures for prevention in the workplace by means of a multidisciplinary application approach (legal, engineering, medical) for an integrated risk management as early as the process design stage.

Inail research activities are also carried out through the membership to, and participation in, various European and international networks, and the collaboration with the main research institutions.