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ISWEC: energy from the sea

The system called ISWEC – Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter converts the energy of ocean waves into electrical energy, making this immediately available for off-shore plants or feeding it directly into the electricity grid to provide power to coastal communities. Eni developed it in collaboration with Wave for Energy S.r.l, a spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino. The system consists of a sealed floating hull containing a pair of gyroscopic systems, connected to two generators. The waves cause the unit to pitch; it is anchored to the ocean floor, but free to move and oscillate. This pitching movement is intercepted by the two gyroscopic systems which are connected to the generators, and these in turn transform this movement into electrical energy. A simple solution, with cutting-edge technology at its heart.

ISWEC is suitable for supplying electricity to off-shore plants, and to Oil & Gas platforms in particular. The first pilot plant is already active in Ravenna, and is connected to our PC80 platform and integrated with a photovoltaic system. This type of application increases the energy self-sufficiency of offshore structures that are located away from the coast, and perhaps in geographical contexts where an electricity supply cannot be taken for granted.