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Robotics & AI

Robotics is one of the most fascinating technologies out there. While just a few years ago this field was considered pure science fiction, today it is more real than ever, and Maker Faire Rome is the perfect opportunity to explore and experience the ever-growing advancements in this field.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence projects have always been at the forefront of Maker Faire Rome and have consistently garnered increasing public interest. The Robotics area is curated in collaboration with I-RIM, the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines, and showcases projects proposed by individual makers, universities, university spin-offs, and research institutes.

AI has taken up significant space at Maker Faire Rome in recent years as one of the key scientific innovations promoted at the event. This is also due to the fact that, thanks to the availability of increasingly powerful computers and tools on the internet, it has become accessible to makers in the realization of their creations.

Robotics and artificial intelligence have been the focus of numerous conferences, speeches, and talks during past editions, featuring contributions from prominent figures and experts such as Bruno Siciliano, Antonio Bicchi, Julia Stoianovich, Katja Mombaur, Barbara Mazzolai, Rita Cucchiara, Dario Farina and many more.

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Robot football has captivated the audience at recent editions of Maker Faire Rome, creating exciting competitions with the support and enthusiasm of children, teenagers, and adults.

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