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  • February 3, 2021
    Japan is using the cutest robots to make us feel closer during the pandemic¬† Baby-sized robots are the tech secret of this project ¬† Humans are social creatures: technology cannot […]Baby-sized robots are keeping seniors company...
    July 28, 2020
    remote workers.These places will pay to move there to boost COVID-19 recovery. Are you remote workers? Here 7 places where you might to consider to move in. Looking to move […]Remote Workers: 7 places where to move in.
    May 6, 2020
    the two robots on staff greet the residents and keep the hotel clean   As happened in other cities around the world, Tokyo opened a hotel for coronavirus patients that […]Hotels with robots on staff are treating mild...
    September 24, 2019
    A device to make artificial intelligence programming more accessible, thanks to the Arduino platform. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the undisputed protagonist of most technological developm...Programming artificial intelligence: from Jap...