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  • September 22, 2021
    WEBB IS A COLLABORATIVE PROJECT BETWEEN NASA, ESA AND THE CANADIAN SPACE AGENCY Webb will observe the Universe by covering longer wavelengths of light than the Hubble Space Telescope, opening [&hellip...ESA to put Webb into orbit. The largest teles...
    March 24, 2021
    To prove them wrong, a man is crowdfunding to send a flat-earther into space The seat on board the Virgin Galactic flight is about 350k dollars   Ever disagreed with […]A man is crowdfunding one Flat Earther into s...
    May 7, 2020
    A Bubble, mobile personal protective space that suits many needs, from safety to relax, for medical staff   When fighting against COVID-19, doctors on the front line might be exposed […]A mobile bubble-like space to protect COVID-1...
    April 19, 2020
    Lyrids are coming this week! On April 21st look at the sky and discover the amazing matheor shower!LYRID METEOR SHOWER 2020 PEAKS THIS WEEK!
    November 8, 2019
    The ambitious project by Valentina Sumini, researcher at MIT in Boston and collaborator of NASA, who wants to give life to a real city on Mars to make human settlement on the Red Planet concretely pos...The space city of Valentina Sumini that has c...
    October 5, 2019
    Two projects with which it will be possible to recreate planets in a room and  “walk” on the Moon in augmented reality   An economical DIY (do-it-yourself) kit to recreate […]Technology and astrophysics come together for...
    May 31, 2019
    #MFR19 takes you to Space, yet again! Would you like to join the huge Makers for Space area? Don't miss the Call for Makers of #MFR19 and submit your project by June 24, 2019! Makers for Space: back to Space!
    May 21, 2019
    Sam Scimemi unfolded. Interview with the Director of International Space Station to discover the new Gateway Project and the role of Italy. Sam Scimemi: Back to the Moon!