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  • May 22, 2024
    a UAE-based company is making panels out of date seeds Meet the company that’s making building materials (and a coffee brew) from the date seeds   DATEFORM is a revolutionary […]Sustainable materials: panels made out of dat...
    July 12, 2022
    Decarbonise flaring sites, while producing hydrogen and graphene A new technology will help decarbonise industry, produce greener concrete and make hydrogen   Turning flare gas into hydrogen and ...Graphene, the wonder material, may help decar...
    October 19, 2021
    space exploration is big in the UAE: introducing the first femal Emirati astronaut and the designer who is making sure nobody gets bored From Maker Faire Rome’s stage to the […]Space exploration: the UAE joins the club wit...
    June 21, 2021
    Robot technology has reached desert tracks in the UAE, and it’s holding camels by the reins One of the oldest sports in the Middle East has been revamped by robotic […]Dubai camel races resume with robot jockeys