Technology at the service of agriculture: innovations from Agrifood 2019 - Maker Faire Rome

Technology at the service of agriculture: innovations from Agrifood 2019

Here are some of the projects present at Agrifood, the sector at Maker Faire where food production and agriculture are combined with the most modern technologies


Eco-sustainability, waste reduction and use of the most modern technologies: these are some of the fundamental values ​​that you will find expressed in AgriFood projects, the section of Maker Faire 2019 dedicated to innovation in agriculture and food.

By exploring the proposals of various institutions, companies, and research institutes, it will be possible to discover some of the most promising projects that aim at the synergy between technology and the ancient art of food production.


Compostino System


ENEA, one of the protagonists of this section, will present, for example, Compostino, a domestic composting system in which the various development phases can be monitored and managed thanks to an Arduino platform and a series of wireless connection sensors.


Bioplastic production from dairy wastewater

Or for the increasing number of fans of the circular economy, it will be possible to learn about a system (also realized by ENEA) that uses the wastewater from the dairy industry to produce 100% biodegradable and compostable bioplastics.


Solar food dehydrator


CREA, another exhibitor of excellence, will present – in addition to various other projects – its award-winning solar food dehydrator, particularly suitable for small and medium-sized agricultural and agri-food businesses operating in the processing and sales sectors.


(photo: Made2Day)


Instead realized and produced by M2D srl (Made2Day) will the presentation of Ella, a dehydrated mozzarella designed to keep for a long time at room temperature, while ARIBIOM will present a mulching bio-spray, a valid alternative to the herbicide that instead creates a natural biofilm to prevent the emergence of weeds.


You will be able to see and discover these innovative ideas together with many others in the exciting and diverse pavilions at the Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the innovation fair to be held from 18 to 20 October at the Fiera di Roma. Don’t miss it!

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