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Technology for rehabilitation and safety: INAIL projects for workers

A virtuous collaboration between institutions and scientific research to prevent, treat and guarantee significant risk reduction


The world of research and that of the prevention of accidents at work may appear to be two distant realities. Prevention, in fact, also means training, as well as studying increasingly advanced ways to guarantee the minimum exposure to risk for workers as they perform their daily activities.

INAIL, the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work, has always been in step with what has been discovered and designed by scientific research and by the numerous realities that deal with the rehabilitation, treatment, and reintegration of people into society. For this reason, INAIL will be present at the Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 2019, the world-famous innovative technology fair that will be held from 18 to 20 October at the Fiera di Roma.


Teleoperative system Hexotrac


The activities that the INAIL focuses on are in fact today perfectly integrated with many important programs that effectuate scientific and technological research and development. Thus, research plays a key role in achieving the INAIL institutional mission. Consequently, prosthesis, home automation (domotics), rehabilitation solutions, risk analysis, and the development of protection and prevention devices are all a part of the reality of the INAIL institute, which is today much more than a “simple” a public entity.

At the space dedicated to INAIL of the Maker Faire, visitors will be able to view and get to know different projects deriving from collaborations with leading research institutions, such as the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). Among these projects, the collaborative exoskeleton and the teleoperated robot are two inventions aimed at reducing workers’ physical efforts and facilitating cargo handling.


The collaborative exoskeleton


Motor rehabilitation through robotics, nanomaterials, advanced devices and systems to monitor safety in the workplace, and in particular in the environments considered most critical, will also be the main themes of many other innovations that INAIL will present at the Fair. To complete the picture, there will be a workshop, scheduled for Saturday, 19 October 2019, which will focus on training and risk management at work. INAIL has once again proven itself to be an excellent example of virtuous and useful collaboration between institutions and scientific research and development.