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This might be THE revolution: a bag that dissolves – literally – in water in five minutes.

A new company based in Chile has developed Solubag, a ‘plastic’ bag that dissolves in water. Their bags work just as well as traditional plastic bags for carrying item around, but they have several major advantages.

If you love the open water, then you are probably concerned about the problem of plastic waste. We use so many different types of disposable plastics that find their ways into the oceans. Once these plastics reach the ocean they disintegrate in the sun. This turn them into microplastics which can then be ingested by sea animals, poisoning them and the rest of the food chain. Many items like plastic bags can be swallowed by sea creatures before they break down, again causing untold damage to the animals and the eco system. Even though the use of plastic bags is being curtailed in many places, we are still using around 160,000 plastic bags per second worldwide. Most of them don’t get recycled. It’s probably less than 1 in 200.

Fortunately, Solubag might offer a valuable alternative, as it dissolves in water. Solubag works just as well as traditional plastic bags for carrying item around, but it has several major advantages.

First of all,Solubag are not made using petroleum products. That means their production does not use up the limited amount of crude oil we have and does not lead to the increased release of hydrocarbons into the environment.

Secondly – and that’s even more interesting  in term of protecting our seas and oceans – is the fact that they are completely soluble in water. This means that within five minutes of entering the water they are fully dissolved, so removing the chance of an animal accidentally ingesting the bag, as a result of mistaking it for food.
How much better would it be to sail in beautiful blue oceans rather than through islands of trash?


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